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This page is for customers with pension plans taken out with Royal London since 2004 or previously Scottish Life.

Our pensions online service is designed to be simple to use but we've got plenty of support available if you're experiencing technical issues.


Frequently asked questions

Find the most common questions we're asked about our online service.


Online help

Help information is available throughout the online service wherever you see the ? symbol after a word. Simply click on the word and a pop up box will appear.

FAQs: Your plan online

Here you'll find the most common questions we're asked about our online service.

If you are looking to update your details such as address, email address and direct debit information please use the general enquiry form. Please note that we can only change your details if we have previously verified your email address with you.

If you need to contact us for personal pension amendments, please call 03456 050 050, or if your plan was taken out through your employer, please call the number shown in your policy documentation.

There are 2 common reasons for this-

  1. Please ensure that when registering you are only entering in the numerical digits from your policy/plan number ( i.e. –J/1234567 would be entered 1234567)
  2. Your plan may not have online access. We are currently developing our digital capability and only Pensions with Royal London since 2014 or previously Scottish Life are available to access online. 

Our online service is not currently available for policies taken out with:

  • Crest pension plans and Buyout Bonds (Ex Scottish Life)
  • Refuge Assurance
  • United Friendly
  • Royal London (pre 2004)
  • Royal Liver
  • CIS

If you need to contact us regarding a policy taken out with one of the company’s shown above please check our information page for more contact us details.

The most common reasons that the fund values may not display include-

  • If a recent payment or contribution has been made but is currently in the process of being allocated
  • Or if a transfer into Royal London has been requested and again is in the process of being finalised

Please note the visibility of your plan value will reappear when any work has been fully completed

For pensions taken out recently through your employer, you may not be able to access our online service until the first premium has been paid and your policy is active.

For plans taken out through your employer, please note that if you are attempting to log in to the service using the access code and link you received in your joining pack, this is just to allow you to Opt in or Opt out, provided you are in the time scales given to do so. More information is available in your plan documentation or online at

If your address is outside the UK, please tick the box below the postcode field and then you can manually enter your address details in the fields below.  Please refer to your policy documents to see how the address is formatted.

Your user name will normally be your email address that you registered with us when you set your account up.

If you are still experiencing issues logging in, please contact our Web Support specialists and they'll get you back online.

You'll have three attempts to log in. If you've set up your memorable questions, you can use this to reset your password online. If you are still experiencing issues, you can contact our  Web Support specialists who will get you back online.

Our Online Services platform works on Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox on Windows PCs.  Please note that at present it is unsupported on MAC.

Our handy online guide will walk you through the registration process and how to navigate your way around the online platform.  The guide will also show you how to find your plan details, values, investments and your recent contributions.   If you can’t find what you are looking for in our guide, please contact our Web Support specialists.

Please check that all pop-up blocker software is set to allow pop-ups from our website.

For personal pensions please call 0345 60 50 050 or email

If you took your pension out through your employer, please refer to your plan documents to contact the correct team who can help you.  

To protect your data, we can’t accept email requests to change your address or contact details.

Usernames and passwords

The data stored within our online service is private to each user and may only be accessed on successful entry of a username and password. As long as these details are kept confidential, nobody else will be able to access your account.


When you connect to and sign in to our online service, you'll be using 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. SSL is the technology that lies behind the yellow padlock that's displayed in the bottom right corner of Internet browsers. The use of SSL encryption means that no one can intercept and see the information being transferred between our customers and our online service.

Digital certificates

We use Verisign Class 3 digital certificates on our online service. This means that our electronic identity and authority have been independently verified. When you connect to one of our secure sites, your web browser uses the Verisign digital certificate to set up the SSL encrypted communications with our site. You can view our Verisign certificate information by double clicking the yellow padlock in the bottom right corner of your browser.


We use firewalls to restrict access to the servers that host our websites. We also make use of Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IDS and IPS respectively) – these systems constantly monitor our systems for malicious or unwanted activity and can react to block or prevent those activities.


Royal London is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy.

In today's digital age, we know that staying safe online is a top priority for our customers. That's why we're dedicated to keeping your personal information protected whenever it's shared with us. Take a look at our Privacy Policy to learn more.

Pensions online service support

Our web support specialists are available from 8.00am to 6.00pm Monday - Thursday and 8.00am to 5.00pm on Friday for any queries you might have about our online pensions service.

Alternatively, if you have a general enquiry such as changing your address or direct debit details, please use our General Enquiry form.