Ready-made or hands-on?

Our innovative range of investment options has been designed specifically with pensions in mind.

Governed Range

Governed Range

Our Governed Range gives you lots of options for investing for your pension.

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The Fund Range

The Fund Range

Control your own investments by choosing from our range of over 160 funds.

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If you need help deciding on a suitable investment option, you should speak to a financial adviser.

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Investment pathways

Investment pathways have been introduced by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to help improve retirement outcomes for customers who want to flexibly access their pension savings.

Secret Life of Pensions

What does your pension get up to after it leaves your pay packet?

It doesn’t just sit in an account somewhere until you retire. It's busy working hard in the real world so that when you’re older, hopefully you won’t have to.

Fund information

Fund prices and factsheets

Discover more about our range of funds and portfolios.

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Investment performance

Keep a close eye on your investments.

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Fund changes

Our range of funds are subject to change.

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Sustainable Fund Range

Investing in companies that make a positive contribution to our society and environment.

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ESG integration

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors are included in the investment decisions we make.

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