At Royal London, our Social Impact work is how we help drive meaningful change for wider society, on our purpose impact areas of helping build financial resilience, and moving fairly to a sustainable world.

We support those in financial crisis through our flagship partnership, accelerate innovation through our Changemakers Programme, and lead the way with our products, services, operations and investments.

Our flagship partnership

We believe that we're stronger when we work together. So we created our first social impact flagship partnership with national poverty charity Turn2us to help tackle these issues.

This partnership goes beyond volunteering and fundraising to prove the power of true collaboration. It will create opportunities for us to learn, campaign and innovate together, enabling us to reach more people and make a longer-lasting impact.

Our Changemakers programme

Our Changemakers Programme was designed to find innovative ways to bring our Purpose to life by building people’s financial resilience and helping everyone move fairly to a sustainable world.

Working with our partner, the School for Social Entrepreneurs, we develop, and invest in bold ideas and sustainable solutions from ambitious social enterprises across the UK and Ireland.

Our focus

We know that in the UK over 11 million people have less than £100 savings to fall back on, and over 4-6 million people will face a serious income shock each year. We also know that some individuals, jobs and communities will more negatively impacted by the move to a low carbon economy.

We can't always prevent life shocks of the impacts of societal challenges from climate change or the covid-19 pandemic. But we can help people prepare for them, or manage their impact, by building financial, individual or community resilience and providing tools and support to help them recover.

How to Die Well book

Spearheaded by Royal London, How to Die Well is a book of insightful essays, inclusive cultural conversations and all-important resources for anyone dealing with death.

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