Investing responsibly

Get to know your pension

Your pension is invested in the companies that are shaping the world’s future. Often, it’s the most money any of us will ever have invested in our lifetimes.

So it’s a powerful tool, not just for your future financial security, but as a way of advocating for the world you want to live in, in that future.

As a pension company, we choose the asset managers that look after your investment in the right way for you. Their job is to choose the companies, sectors and countries to invest it in.

As shareholders in companies, we can influence their policies on things like CO2 emissions. The bigger your shareholding, the more influence you can have, which puts large pension companies like us in a strong position to make a difference.

Responsible investment, which takes into account the environmental and social impact companies are having as well as how well they are run, can also help protect investment returns from shocks related to poor decision-making. This means there are long-term financial benefits to an approach that is rooted in shared values and a desire for companies to do things in everyone’s best interests.  

What is responsible investment?

We explain our responsible investment commitments, how we select and work with asset managers, and what all of this means for you.

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Climate change

Find out what we’re doing to factor in climate change when making investment decisions, as well as within our own operations.

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Chief Investment Officer Piers Hillier explains how Royal London Asset Management (RLAM) approaches responsible investment.

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Learn how RLAM and our external asset managers vote our shares on your behalf.

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ESG integration

Find out more about how our asset managers integrate ESG factors into the investment decision-making process.

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Case studies

Discover how RLAM’s responsible investment team have engaged with companies to influence and create change.

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Our memberships

We’re signatories of industry bodies and leading organisations to support our commitment to being a responsible investor.

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Collaboration in action

RLAM’s responsible investment team will work with other shareholders and organisations to help create better outcomes for you.

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