Update your endowment policy details

If you need to make changes to your personal details on your policy, our customer service teams will be able to help.

Update your endowment policy details

Cash in an endowment policy

Certain types of policies (long term savings/endowments) can be cash surrendered before the maturity date.

Find out more about cashing in an endowment policy

RL(CIS) Endowment policy

For information about the Endowment policy product, originally taken out with RL(CIS), formally the Co-Operative Insurance Society Limited.

This product is no longer available to new customers.

RL(CIS) Endowment policy product information

Surrenders and maturities

Find the answers to some of the questions you might have about the surrender or maturity of your Royal London endowment policy.

Read our surrenders and maturities FAQ

Tell us about a bereavement

If a loved one had a pension product with us and you're not sure what needs to happen, we can help to make the next steps as easy as possible.

Let us know about a death

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