Our Life Cover provides protection for your loved ones if you die or become terminally ill. This could help pay off the mortgage on the family home or any debts you might have.

And because not everyone knows what cover they need or how much, we offer tailored life insurance plans designed to fit around you and your family.

Available through an independent financial adviser who can support you with your choices, our Advised Life Cover is designed to help lighten the financial load and make it easier to cope during difficult times.

Remember that these plans don't have a cash-in value at any time and if you stop paying your premiums your cover will stop.

Some of the benefits of Advised Life Cover


Extra peace of mind

Our mortgage repayment guarantee option pays a lump sum equal to the outstanding mortgage amount. 


Adaptability to life's changes

We know life never stays the same for long. So in certain circumstances, cover can be increased without the need for medical evidence.

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More choice

You can choose how much cover you want (with no limit on the amount), how you want it to pay out and whether you want to combine different cover types. You can also choose to take out cover with your partner.


Practical and emotional support

Our tailored plans come with Helping Hand, a support service that gives you access to a dedicated nurse who can help you and your family during difficult times.


Free cover

In many cases we can offer cover before your plan actually starts, from the moment we receive your application. 

Helping Hand

All our plans bought through an independent financial adviser come with Helping Hand - a comprehensive support service that gives you access to a dedicated nurse should you experience illness, injury or bereavement during the term of your plan.

Your dedicated nurse can recommend a number of additional services if they think it’s going to help. For example:

  • A second medical opinion
  • Support recovering from a heart attack
  • Speech and language therapy after a stroke
  • Complementary therapies to help manage symptoms or help with recovery
  • Bereavement counselling and support

Helping Hand is a package of support services, provided by third parties that aren’t regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. These services aren’t part of our terms and conditions, so can be amended or withdrawn at any time.

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Waiver of Premium (Sickness)

Waiver of Premium (Sickness) is available as an add-on to our tailored plans.

If you have an accident or illness that leaves you unable to work or unable to carry out a number of living tasks, we’ll pay your plan premiums for you. You can decide the amount of time between you stopping work and us paying your premiums. The choices are 4, 8, 13, 26 or 52 weeks.

Value of advice

If you think that our Advised Life Cover could be right for you the next step is to speak to an independent financial adviser. There are many benefits to independent advice.

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