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We've recently extended our online service so that more customers can view their plans and policies online. If you're new to our online service visit our registration page to check if you're eligible and get started.

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If you've taken out a pension plan with Royal London since 2004 or previously with Scottish Life, you can download our mobile app to view your pension plan whenever you like.

For full details on eligibility and more about the app visit our mobile app page.

Can I use online services?

We're currently growing our online service, but not all of our customers can use it right now. If your provider isn't listed our online service currently doesn't cover your plan.

Your access and the features available online will depend on which original provider you took out your plan with. Find out if you're eligible to use our online service by visiting our registration page.

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You can also access our dedicated adviser website for information and services.

For employers and trustees who have a workplace pension with Royal London.

More information and resources are available on our employer website.

If you're a current or former employee of Royal London and have a staff pension.