Getting started

Step one

Download the app

You'll find the app on the App Store and Google Play Store. Not all plans are supported, have a quick check.

Step two

Register for online service

If you're not already registered, don't worry, you can do this from the app.

Step three

Log in

Use your online service username and password - once you're in set up your preferences.

A mobile phone that shows the app

What you can do with our app

  • Set up fingerprint and face ID access, if you want
  • See what your pension savings are worth now
  • Check out what your pension savings could be worth in the future
  • Keep a close eye on all your contributions (including tax relief)
  • Review plan performance by the last 12 months and duration of your plan
  • Look over the charges you’ve paid and any ProfitShare we may have awarded
  • See how long a regular income might last (if you've started taking money out)
  • View and add your nominated beneficiaries.

How our app can help you

As well as seeing your plan in detail, you can:

  • Read the helpful financial wellbeing guides
  • Brush up on your financial knowledge with topical articles
  • Set up notifications – we’ll let you know about important updates to your plan. Or send you a quick reminder - like if we award Profitshare
  • Easily get in touch with us – if you need to

How will you use the app?

You can use our app the way you want to, whenever you want and wherever you are. You might find yourself being one of the 75% or so who'll login at least once a month. But on average, our customers will login about 12 times a month. Based on how our customers use our app, here's what you might find you're doing:

  • Spending about 50 seconds, every login, to check your plan value
  • Reading a guide or article every second login (when you have a bit more time)
  • Checking the contributions in your plan around 6 times a year
  • Taking an interest in your future plan value, every 2 months or so.

Are you in the right place?

This page is for customers with pension plans taken out with Royal London since 2004 or previously Scottish Life.

Can I use the mobile app?

You can use our mobile app if you've taken out a pension plan with Royal London since 2004 or previously Scottish Life.

You’ll also need to have one of the following plans:

  • Pension Portfolio and Individual Personal Pension Plans
  • Retirement Solutions Group Personal Pension Plans
  • Retirement Solutions Group Stakeholder Personal Pension Plans
  • Retirement Solutions Executive Pension Plan
  • Retirement Solutions Company Pension Plans
  • Retirement Solutions GPP & SHR Continuation Plans
  • Retirement Solutions Individual Pension Plans

Help and support

Here you'll find the most common questions we're asked about our mobile app.

We’ve tested our mobile app extensively to make sure it’s secure, so you can use it with confidence.

The data used is encrypted to ensure privacy, and the app will only use a trusted secure channel for communication with Royal London services. It also automatically logs you out if you’ve not interacted with the app for 5 minutes.

You’ll use your online service login details to access the app, and as long as you keep these details confidential, nobody else will be able to access your account. You can read more about our online service security.

Our mobile app has been tested on a wide range of devices, and we support the following operating systems:

  • iOS 11 and above
  • Android 6 and above

You can check on your phone if your operating system is within this range. If you’re using an earlier operating system, you’ll need to upgrade it to be able to download the app.

You'll need to register for online service before you can login to the app. If you're not already registered, the app will guide you through a short registration process.

Just have your plan number handy - you'll find this on your yearly statement or in your welcome pack.

If you've entered your password incorrectly 3 times your account will be suspended for 24 hours.

If you can't remember your password go to the log in page and select `Forgotten password?', all you need to do is enter your email address and we'll send you an email to reset you password.

If you're still experiencing issues you can contact our Websupport specialists who'll get you back online.

There may be a reason you can’t access your plan, or we may need to reset your account for you. If you contact us on 0345 602 1885 we’ll be able to help. 

You can only use the app if your plan appears on the list of plans that can use it.

If this isn’t the case, you can get in touch with our customer service team who can investigate this for you.

Regular contributions will be displayed shortly after they’ve been paid. Transfers will be displayed as soon as they're received and added to your plan by our customer service team.

We have your chosen retirement age on our records and the app uses the date and time on your phone to calculate the length of time until your retirement date.

Your adviser or employer doesn’t have access to the mobile app, but they’ll be able to see similar information in other ways. 

You can't currently change your personal details or investment options in the app.

You can change your investments using online service, and if you need to make changes to your personal details, you can contact us.

You’ll be able to see any plans that our app is compatible with – you can check this list above.

If you have one of our other products that aren’t on this list, you won’t be able to see them using the app.

If any of your details are incorrect or you don’t understand something in the app, you can contact us.

We won’t be able to give you financial advice, so if you have questions about your retirement goals, you should speak to an adviser. If you don't have an adviser, you can find one using a number of directories.

Still need help?

If you can't find the answer to your question, just give us a ring on:

0345 602 1885

Or get in touch using our online contact form.