Make a claim

If you need to make a claim

Whether you want to take money out of your own policy, claim on a protection policy or if someone has passed away and you need to claim on their behalf, filling out forms may well be the last thing on your mind. We’ll make it as clear and easy to do as we can.

Please use the links below to find which team you need to speak to depending on the type of policy and claim you need to make.

In some cases we will need to send you a claim form. Just fill it in and send it back to us along with any other documents we’ve asked for.

Easy to do and there when you need us

Our claims procedures are straightforward and backed by expert teams who will look to complete the claim and pay out the money as quickly as we can. You or your family won’t have a long, difficult process with us should the worst happen to you and once your claim has been processed, the money will be sent to you as quickly as possible.

Printed documents
We are happy to provide you with alternative formats such as Braille, large print and audio to replace any printed documents that you might get through the post, just ask the customer service consultant when you ring.