Claim on a serious illness or Over 50 Life Insurance directly bought from Royal London, Post Office or Co-op

Make a claim

If you need to make a claim, filling out forms may well be the last thing on your mind. We’ll make it as clear and easy to do as we can.

We’ll send you a claim form. Just fill it in and send it back to us along with any other documents we’ve asked for.

For Over 50 Life Insurance or Life Insurance (including Serious Illness benefit or Children’s Benefit) directly bought from Royal London, Post Office or Co-op:

Call us on 0345 266 5400

We’re available Monday to Friday 8 am to 6pm.

Or by post at:
Customer Services
Royal London House
Alderley Park
Congleton Road
Nether Alderley
SK10 4EL

If you’re not sure which number to ring, just choose one and we’ll help you from there.

What else?

Please carry on paying the plan premiums for the time being. If your plan is serious or critical illness cover, you will need to carry on paying the premiums. If you have any worries about this, talk to the person dealing with your claim.


Here are some of the answers to questions you might have. Because each case is different, these answers are just here as a guide.

We will send out a claim pack which you will need to complete and we'll need to see medical information to support the claim. All diagnoses have to be:

  • The first and unequivocal diagnosis of a serious illness
    • Cancer - but not early stage cases
    • Heart Attack - where your heart becomes less efficient as a pump
    • Stroke - which causes permanent damage to your nervous system
    • Multiple Sclerosis - with persisting symptoms
    • Benign Brain Tumour - requiring treatment or causing permanent damage to your nervous system
    • Dementia - resulting in permanent symptoms
  • Made by a consultant who’s a specialist in the relevant area of medicine and who's employed at a hospital within one of the countries listed in your plan details
  • Confirmed by our chief medical officer

Let us know as soon as you can. We won’t keep you on the phone any longer than we have to and if you need to call back, that’s fine too. The quicker you tell us, the quicker we can get to work on the claim.

We could ask for:

  • The birth, marriage or death certificate
  • Any other evidence of a change of name
  • Evidence of income
  • Medical evidence to support the claim
  • Evidence of the amount and status of your mortgage if relevant to the claim

Yes, we prefer to get an original copy but we can accept a standard verification form completed by a solicitor if that’s easier.

We'll pay the claim to the people who are legally entitled to receive it.

For a life cover claim, this is often the policyholders representatives. In the case of a claim for serious illness claims or children's benefit, we'll pay the policyholder directly.

As soon as the claim’s been verified and we have all the paperwork we’ve asked for, we make the payment and funds usually clear in 3-5 working days by BACS transfer.

When won't you pay a claim?

Although this doesn’t happen very often, there are cases when we’re unable to pay a claim. For example:

Claim doesn't meet plan definitions

We won’t pay if the claim doesn't meet the definition set out in our plan details. We can give you a copy of these if you don’t have them to hand.


Misrepresentation is when you haven't told us something about your health or lifestyle that, if we had known about it, would have changed our decision on whether to accept your application or not. For example, if there are some details in your medical history that you didn’t tell us about when we asked during the application process.


We won’t pay a claim if we find out that it’s fraudulent. A fraudulent claim, in the context of insurance, is a claim based on a misrepresentation of facts with the intention of wrongfully gaining insurance benefits. A fraudulent claim is also known as a false insurance claim. Making fraudulent claims is a crime, no matter what the outcome may be.

Non-payment of premiums

In most cases cover will stop and the plan will be cancelled if you stop paying your premiums. That’s why you should tell us as soon as possible if an illness or death means you could have difficulty finding the money to pay the premiums.

The cover term has finished

We won’t pay if the plan has finished or if it's been cancelled. For example, if you took out the plan to cover a 25-year mortgage, you wouldn't be able to claim after 25 years had passed.

If we haven't answered your question here, please contact us on the numbers above.

Here's how to get in touch

Call us on 0345 266 5400

We’re available Monday to Friday 8 am to 6pm.

Or you can write to us at Customer Services, Customer Services,
Royal London House, Alderley Park, Congleton Road, Nether Alderley, Macclesfield, SK10 4EL