Why combine your pensions?

Keep it simple

Having your pension savings in one place could make it easier to keep track of them.

Plan for the future

Bringing your pensions together could make it easier to see if you’re on track for the retirement you want.

Consolidate your plan charges

Some pension plans may have higher charges than others. Combining your pensions in one place will mean you benefit from having just one plan charge.

Why Royal London?

  • We’re the UK’s largest mutual life, pensions and investment company.

  • When we do well, we'll aim to boost your pension savings by adding a share of our profits to your plan each year, if it’s eligible. We’ve called this your ProfitShare

  • Take advantage of our innovative range of investment options, all about balancing the reward you want to get with the risk you're prepared to take.

  • Using our mobile app and online service, you can keep an eye on your pension savings whenever you like.

  • Access the three main retirement options when you’re ready to start taking your pension savings.

Should I transfer my pension?

Do you know where all your pensions are?

Take a minute to think about how many jobs you've had in your lifetime. The chances are, each of them came with a workplace pension, so you might have more than one pension pot with a number of different providers.

If you have pensions with other providers, they should send you a yearly statement with the key information about your plan. But if you’re not sure what you’ve got, you can read our guide to help track your old pensions down.

How to start a transfer

There are different ways to start a transfer into your Royal London pension. Choose an option based on the type of pension you have with us:

If you’re eligible to transfer, once we’ve got your request and authorisation, we’ll work with your other provider(s) to handle all aspects of the transfer.​

If you have a Workplace pension or former Workplace pension with us

Start a transfer online

You can start the transfer process using our online service.

Start a transfer 


Use our mobile app

To download our app using a mobile device, start by visiting the Apple App store or Google Play store. 

App Store  

Google Play

Talk to us

Call us on 0345 600 6042.

Lines are open excluding bank holidays
8am to 6pm Monday to Thursday
8am to 5pm on Fridays.

If you have a Personal pension with us or your pension was originally taken out with a different provider

Just tell us about the Royal London plan you’re interested in transferring to, and we’ll tell you how to start a transfer.

Who was your Royal London pension taken out with originally?

Considering transferring your pension savings to us?

We've put together some examples to give you an idea of what your pension savings could be worth at retirement after a transfer.

View our examples

If you don’t already have a Royal London pension

Our pension products are available through financial advisers. We recommend talking about the different types of pensions available with an adviser. They can give you personalised advice and recommendations to match your individual needs and circumstances. Advisers may charge for their services, though they should agree any fees with you up front.

Frequently asked questions

Answers to your frequently asked questions about pension transfers, whether you're transferring a pension to Royal London or transferring out to another provider.

We don't charge to transfer your pension savings from another provider to us. But your current provider may apply an early exit charge to your plan. You should check with them when making your decision.

We don't charge to transfer your pension savings to another provider. But we may apply an early exit charge to your plan. We’ll let you know if this is the case.

Depending on the type of plan you hold, you may be able to complete a partial transfer, leaving the remaining funds with your current provider.

A pension transfer value is the amount your existing pension scheme will pay to your new pension provider if you choose to move your pension to a different scheme.

You are able to transfer to a pension provider overseas. The receiving provider must be Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS) registered for us to be able to go ahead with the transfer.

You can transfer your Royal London plan to another provider. For more information and detailed instructions on the transfer process, you should contact the pension provider you want to transfer to.

Defined Benefit (DB) pensions provide a valuable guaranteed retirement income and often have other special benefits. If you want to transfer a DB pension, you will lose access to any scheme benefits.

That’s why if you’re considering transferring your DB pension it’s important to get financial advice.

If the value of your DB pension is more than £30,000, you are required to get advice from a regulated financial adviser before you can transfer. This rule is from The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Pensions Regulator (TPR) and is there to protect you and make sure you’re aware of all the pros and cons of transferring.

Royal London require any transfer request of a DB pension scheme to have received advice from a regulated financial adviser regardless of the value of the pension.

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