Our Turn2us partnership

Protecting today

We developed our partnership with national charity Turn2us to help more people impacted by the cost of living crisis build financial resilience.

We all face unexpected shocks at one point or another, from being made redundant or coping with an illness, to losing a loved one. These events can often have a big impact on our finances and, particularly for those who are financially vulnerable, can quickly turn into a crisis.

One in three UK adults say they wouldn’t be able to manage without their income, or cope in the event of a life shock. That’s 17.6 million people. The Covid-19 pandemic is perhaps the biggest life shock our society has experienced. As we continue to feel its effects, there’s never been a more urgent need to help those who are financially vulnerable.

Thomas Lawson, Chief Executive at Turn2us:

“With our combined commitment to making sure people can survive the impact of a life changing event, we are well placed to bring about meaningful change.”

We’re stronger together

At Royal London, we believe we’re mutually responsible for the financial resilience of our customers, their families and their communities. 

Turn2us support over 11 million people each year by providing guidance and support, online tools and financial relief to people in crisis. Collaborating with the charity continues to be an incredible opportunity to use our strengths as a business to create long-term change. 

  • By 2022: Through our donations, campaigns, fundraising and marketing activities, we supported over 133,000 vulnerable people and their families to access benefits, grants and guidance. 
  • By 2023: We will have raised over £900,000 and reached over 190,000 people, helping to maximise income during the cost of living crisis.

Together, we are working to help build a society where everyone has the tools, support and resilience they need to recover from a life shock.


Pension credit, don't rule it out, find out. Don't miss out on pension credit or other benefits you might be entitled to. Try our benefits calculator today. Visit benefits-calculator.turn2us.org.uk to learn more.

Pension Credit: Don’t rule it out, find out

Thousands of people in the UK are eligible for Pension Credit. According to the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), around £1.7 billion went unclaimed in 2022. We're supporting Turn2us to protect more people impacted by the cost of living crisis. You can find out if you or your friends and family over 66 years old might be entitled to Pension Credit by trying the Benefits Calculator today. 

Since 2022, more than 300,000 people over the State Pension age used the Turn2us benefits calculator to find out what additional support they may be entitled to. One in seven found out they were eligible for Pension Credit, unlocking an average of £3,500 per person per year, adding up to more than £137 million in extra state benefits found for pensioners on low incomes. 

Sarah Pennells, our Consumer Finance Specialist, says, “The fact that so many pensioners are missing out on Pension Credit in the middle of a cost of living crisis is worrying. This benefit provides much needed additional income, but will also mean people qualify for help with rent, council tax, heating, a free TV license or dental care, and other benefits, because Pension Credit is a gateway benefit to other support."