Your questions about our mobile app answered.

Here you'll find the most common questions we're asked about our mobile app.

Our mobile app is designed for existing Royal London pension customers. So you can use our mobile app if you've had a pension plan with Royal London since 2004 (or previously Scottish Life).

Only some of our plans can be viewed on our mobile app. These are:

Personal pensions

  • Pension Portfolio Plans
  • Individual Stakeholder Pension Plans
  • Individual Executive Pension Plans

Workplace pensions

Retirement Solutions plans which include:

  • Group Personal Pension Plans (including continuation plans)
  • Group Stakeholder Personal Pension Plans (including continuation plans)
  • Company Pension Plans
  • Individual Plans

If you’re invested in our With Profits fund (or have been invested in our With Profits fund in the past) you currently won’t be able to use the mobile app to view those plans.

If you have an older plan, or a SIPP, with us you can't view these on our app but you can still manage your plan online through our online service.

If you’re not sure if your plan can be viewed on our mobile app please get in touch and our teams are on hand to help.

You can download the app from the App Store (for Apple mobile devices) and the Google Play Store (for Android devices).

We’ve tested our mobile app extensively to make sure it’s secure, so you can use it with confidence.

The data used is encrypted to guarantee privacy. It also automatically logs you out if you’ve not interacted with the app for 5 minutes.

Our app also supports face and finger print recognition, also known as biometrics. So you can log in to the app using fingerprint or face recognition. This works across both iOS and Android devices but depends what type of phone you have.

Our mobile app has been tested on a wide range of mobile phones, and we support the following operating systems:

  • iOS 14 and above
  • Android 8 and above

You can check on your phone if your operating system is within this range. If you’re using an earlier operating system, you’ll need to upgrade it to be able to download the app.

If you're having problems logging in to view your plan there are a couple of reason why that might be.

Your plan becomes accessible on our app once your first contribution has been made. If you have a new plan this might be why you cannot log in or register.

Our mobile app is only available for some plans. So it could be that your plan currently is not available via our mobile app. Take a look at the list of plans you can view on the app.

If you're still having problems please contact us on 0345 605 0401.

If you can’t remember your password go to the login page in the app and select ‘Forgotten password?’, all you need to do is enter your email address and we’ll send you an email to reset your password.

Have your mobile phone handy as we'll send you a security passcode SMS this extra protection will help to ensure only you can reset your password.

If you're still experiencing issues you can contact our Web Support specialists who'll get you back online.

Please be aware, if you've entered your password incorrectly 3 times your account will be locked for 24 hours.

Currently our app only shows some of our plans. Take a look at the list of plans you can view on the app within the 'What plans can be viewed on the mobile app' section above.

Regular contributions will be displayed shortly after they've been received by Royal London, and will be reflected in the app in the month that they have been paid to us.

Transfers will be displayed as soon as they're received and added to your plan by our customer service team.

You can use the app to make a one-off contribution to your plan.

You can also use it to request a transfer pack and confirm you’ve received it (if you’re doing this without a financial adviser).

No – the mobile app can only be seen by you.

But don’t worry, your adviser or employer can view your pension savings in other ways.

At the moment, you can add your beneficiaries through our mobile app.

For any changes to your investments you can change or update these using our online service, and if you need to make changes to your personal details, you simply need to contact us.

If any of your details are incorrect, or you don’t understand something in the app, you can contact us.

We won’t be able to give you financial advice, so if you have questions about your retirement goals, you should speak to an adviser. If you don't have an adviser, you can take a look at our guide to ‘Where to look for a financial adviser’.