What we offer

We offer you access to a wide selection of companies who provide lifetime annuities. We'll run through your annuity options and also ask you some medical questions so that the quote we provide will give you the highest income possible from our panel of providers.

How does it work?

First, you need to understand all the ways you can tailor an annuity to suit your needs. For example, you can take an option to increase your retirement income to help guard against inflation.

Next, you need to provide details of your medical history and lifestyle. Unlike other times in your life when health problems and lifestyle cost you more, this is the time when your health problems and lifestyle can mean a higher income in retirement for no extra cost.

Having provided all the necessary information a comparison is produced and the results shared with you straightaway. You can go back and change the options you’ve chosen to see how this affects the income you could receive.

When you find an annuity you’re happy with, we’ll send out your partially completed application form for you to complete and return.

Our approach to comparing pension annuities

We'll provide you with information about annuities and the ways you can tailor the product to meet your individual needs, whether that’s guarding against inflation or providing for loved ones in the event of your death.

As well as providing information on the options available, we can help you get everything in place by:

  • Helping you complete all the forms
  • Dealing with the providers on your behalf 
  • Keeping you updated regularly 
  • Ensuring you receive your income when you need it

To find out more about the Royal London Annuity Bureau, simply tell us how you took out your pension plan - and we'll take things from there. 

The annuity comparison service compares annuities using the information you provide.

Please be aware that this service doesn't provide financial advice.

If you require advice and already use a financial adviser then we suggest you speak to them. If you don't currently have a financial adviser, you can find more information about how to find an adviser in your area and other useful independent resources on our site

Providers we compare

The Royal London Annuity Bureau enables you to compare a range of annuities offered by a number of providers who are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). It's just like shopping around for car or home insurance.

Research by the FCA in 2014 identified that 80% of people who didn’t shop around for their annuity income could have received more income. It's therefore worth shopping around for your annuity.

Our online planner compares annuities from the following providers:

Aviva Canada Life Just

Legal and General

Scottish Widows Standard Life

Costs of our service

We don't charge an upfront fee for our services or for the provision of information. However, we may be paid commission by the provider you select for your annuity.

Any commission payable to us is illustrated in the quotations you receive.

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