Single contribution form

Payment details

Here’s the Royal London bank account details (opens in a new window) that you’ll need to make your single contribution after completing the online application form.

This online application form can be used if you want to make a single contribution into your existing Royal London workplace pension plan by bank transfer. The form can be used for the following plans:

  • Retirement Solutions Group Personal Pension Plan;
  • Retirement Solutions Group Stakeholder Pension Plan.

Unfortunately we can’t accept a single contribution from you if you’re an EU/EEA resident. More information around this can be found on our Brexit web page (opens in a new window).

Important information

Please read this section carefully before completing this form.

You should only complete this online application form if:

  • you would like to make a single contribution into your plan and have decided to do this on a direct basis with Royal London, rather than via a financial adviser; and
  • you’re asking us to invest your single contribution in the same investment choice as your plan’s existing investments.

If you would like your single contribution to be invested in a different investment choice you’ll need to complete an alternative form.

Please note, Royal London always recommends that you seek regulated financial advice before making any financial decision.

You should answer each question fully and accurately. If you need any help completing this form you can contact us on 0345 605 0050 (Mon–Fri, 8am – 6pm).

When your plan started, you’ll have received a copy of the Plan booklet detailing the terms and conditions of your plan. If you would like to receive another copy of the Plan booklet, you can request a copy from us at any time.

The end of a tax year is 5 April. If you want to make a one-off pension contribution to your Royal London plan for the current tax year, and your budget allows, you can do so up to and including 5 April. It will count for this tax year's annual allowance. If we receive your contribution after then, it will be added to your plan and applied against your annual allowance for the next tax year. You can make contributions to your plan at any time.

It's important to remember that if you’re posting any documentation or if you need to speak to a financial adviser, you need to allow enough time before the tax year ends. Payments can take time to be processed, so please also allow time for your contribution to be made.

What to expect

To make a single contribution into your existing workplace pension plan, you'll need to:

  • complete and submit the online application form on this page; and
  • make a bank transfer to Royal London.

Once you’ve done this, and we’ve applied your contribution to your plan, we’ll send your Plan documentation to you by post.

Make a single contribution

* Indicates a required field

1. Your plan details

You will find this on your yearly statement or other plan documents, it will be a seven digit number.

2. Your details

Personal information collected on this form will be used to administer your request. To understand the detail of how we use your information you can read the privacy policy (opens in new window) or listen on 0800 085 8352.

Personal information
Title *
You will find this on your National Insurance card, benefit letter, payslip or P60
Please use the format DD/MM/YYYY
Email is the quickest and simplest way for us to communicate with you, it also helps us support the environment by reducing paper. We will use the email address you provide here to update our records and to send confirmation of the request.

3. Single contribution

Is this the first time you will be making a single contribution to your plan? *
Verifying your identity

When you joined your employer’s workplace pension scheme, we verified your employer's identity as they were making regular contributions into your plan on your behalf.

As you'd now like to make a single contribution into your plan, in order to satisfy the UK Money Laundering Regulations, we need to verify your identity before we can invest the single contribution.

We can do this electronically using Experian, by comparing your name, address and DOB against their database, which includes the electoral register and records held by fraud prevention parties. A record of this search will be kept by Experian.

We may need to request additional information from you if we aren’t able to verify your identity this way.

Please confirm whether you’re happy for us to carry out this check *
Government limits

The Government has set limits on the amount of pension contributions you can make in certain circumstances before you have to pay a tax charge. These are called the annual allowance, the lump sum allowance, the lump sum, death benefit allowance, and the money purchase annual allowance. You can find details about each of these limits (opens in new window) and should familiarise yourself with these before making your single contribution.

This should be the gross amount

After submitting the details of your single contribution via this online form you should make your bank transfer to the Royal London bank account shown in the box at the top left of this page. Please use your plan number as the BACS reference when making the payment.

Important: The actual payment you make should be the net amount of your single contribution. The figure that you’ve entered above is the gross amount, made up of your net payment plus the tax relief which we’ll claim from HM Revenue & Customs on your behalf.

To calculate the gross single contribution you should divide the amount you want to be taken from your bank account (net single contribution) by 0.8 e.g. net single contribution of £1,000 = gross single contribution of £1,250 (£1,000 / 0.8).

If you’re an intermediate rate (Scottish taxpayers only), higher rate or additional rate taxpayer, you could be entitled to claim more tax relief through a self-assessment tax return or by contacting your local tax office.

4. Declaration

Read the full declaration.

I confirm that the information I've provided in this online application form is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. I also confirm that I've read the declaration and every answer, including those answers not filled in by me, is correct.

If you are under 18 (16 in Scotland) your legal guardian must agree the declaration on your behalf.

* Indicates a required field


You should read and confirm your agreement of this section. If there’s anything that you don’t fully understand you should speak to a financial adviser or Royal London.

I confirm that:

  • this is my application to apply a single contribution detailed in section 3 of this form, to my existing Royal London workplace pension plan detailed in section 1;
  • I want Royal London to invest my single contribution in the same investment choice as my plan’s existing investments;
  • if I’ve triggered the money purchase annual allowance (MPAA) by flexibly accessing my retirement savings with Royal London or any other provider, I’ve already made Royal London aware of this;

I accept that:

  • any additional contributions I make to my plan will be subject to the rules of The Royal London Personal Pension Scheme (No2) or The Royal London Stakeholder Pension Scheme (No2) as appropriate.
  • the terms of my plan are detailed within the Plan booklet which I received when I applied for my plan, and if required, I can request a copy of this at any time;
  • the information detailed within this online application form will be used to structure my investments and provide benefits under my plan;
  • if I’ve not already triggered the money purchase annual allowance under any other pension plan but do so in the future, then it’s my responsibility to inform Royal London of this within 91 days of the trigger;
  • I won’t be able to cash-in, assign or take as a lump sum, any pension bought by my plan except as allowed by Part 4 of the Finance Act 2004 (as amended).

It’s a serious offence to make false statements in order to obtain tax relief on contributions. The penalties are severe and could lead to prosecution.

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