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To update your personal information, including a change of name or address, please get in touch with our team using the following form. A member of our team may need to contact you for more information.

Important information

Before we process your request, please make sure you're eligible to make changes to this policy.

To update your funeral plan policy details, you need to:

  • Be the policyholder (the person the plan covers) or;
  • Be the person responsible for paying the policy or;
  • Both.

If you are neither the policyholder or the payer of the policy, please contact us directly on 0345 600 7788.

You'll also need to contact us if you are a power of attorney or hold a letter of authority for this policy.

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1. Your current details

Please fill in this section with the details we currently hold for you, so that we can match your request to the right policy. Please note, you can only update your own details. If another person involved in your policy wishes to update their details, they will have to contact us separately.

Personal information collected on this form will be used to administer your request. To understand the detail of how we use your information you can read the privacy policy (opens in new window) or listen on 0800 085 8352.

Personal information
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Please note, if you're not responsible for paying for this policy you won't be able to change the payment details.
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3. Keeping you safe from theft and identity fraud

In order to protect our customers we may have to verify your identity or the identity of certain individuals connected to a policy. At Royal London we do this electronically to make things easier for you.

If you would prefer we didn’t do this electronically, please tick the following check box. If you choose to opt out, we’ll need to contact you to request paper based evidence of your identity.

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