Social impact

At Royal London, being a responsible business and having a positive social impact is a top priority, which is why we have focussed on creating the right culture for employees while increasing our engagement with local communities and continuing to support society through our investment philosophy. This is in addition to always having a customer-centric approach and doing the right thing for our members.

Our Mission

We aspire to be rated by our customers as the most trusted and most recommended provider in our chosen markets.

Our Purpose

Royal London exists to create the best customer experiences in its chosen markets. This reflects the fact that we are a customer owned business and so our focus is creating value for customers and members.

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At Royal London, it is not just about doing business, but doing it the right way.

Being a responsible business means ensuring we have a robust governance structure in place and a prudent strategy to ensure continued long-term growth and success. It is also about creating the right culture to support our people to achieve the best outcomes and experiences for our customers and our members, and strengthening our local communities and the environments we are in. This includes taking a customer-centric approach when developing our products and services to meet our overall goal of customer satisfaction.

It also means that we use our thought leadership and campaigning work to bring fresh ideas to enable consumers to understand the complex and jargon-filled world of financial services, and have trialled products for groups that were underserved by our industry.

Adding value in the community

We believe it’s important for businesses to support the communities where they operate, and that’s why we encourage our employees to volunteer and support local charities. In 2016, we changed our approach to our Community Engagement programme. We’ve moved to a stronger focus on support within our local communities, working with local charitable partners.

Our Social Responsibility programme’s theme, chosen by staff, is 'to support people with a chronic or long-term condition', which strongly aligns to our business as a life and pensions provider. We are working with our local charity partners, chosen by our staff, to help them meet their aims over three years. We are also partnering with Business in the Community (BITC) and The Silver Line across all our offices, as well as East London Business Alliance locally.

Responsible business

We believe in treating all customers fairly, and, in addition to developing simple, transparent products we also believe it is important to explain them clearly. Resources like our financial guides and jargon buster aim to help individuals understand money and financial terms a little better.

Investing in the workplace

We value our employees, and show them how much we care through helpful services such as our Employee Assistance Programme. Because we think healthy people are happy people, we also offer workplace health initiatives and a range of flexible benefits to improve working life. We are also committed to recruiting, developing, promoting and training employees on the basis of individual competencies and performance, respecting and valuing a diverse workplace.