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The penny drops podcast is here to help you understand your money and make better informed financial decisions.

In this monthly podcast series, we’ll cover the big personal finance topics such as savings, pensions, budgeting, debt, family finance, marriage and retirement – as well as other issues that money can have an impact on, like your mental health, physical health and the environment.

Each episode our host, presenter and broadcast journalist Andrea Fox (whose voice you may have heard announcing shows like Britain’s Got Talent on ITV), will be grilling financial experts and special guests to get the answers we’re looking for and tips that you can put into action.

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You can download and listen to episodes using the iTunes PodcastsSpotifyGoogle Podcast or Castbox apps – just search for ‘The penny drops’. We’ll be releasing a new podcast at the beginning of each month, so make sure to subscribe to be the first to hear new episodes.

Or, if you don’t have access to an app, you can listen to the podcast online. We’ll send you reminders about any new episodes in your quarterly member emails.

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New episodes

Popular money questions answered

Founder of MoneyMagpie Jasmine Birtles answers some of the most asked money questions. 

November 2019

Listen now! about Popular money questions answered

Let's talk about pensions

Money expert and creator of the SavvyWoman website Sarah Pennells goes back to basics on pensions.

December 2019

Listen now! about Let's talk about pensions

How to save without noticing

Personal finance journalist and savings whizz Emma Lunn shares everything you need to know about how to save money.

January 2020

Listen now! about How to save without noticing

Why planning for death is so important

BBC Radio 5's Wake Up To Money presenter Guy Kilty talks end-of-life planning and why it’s important to think about it early on.

February 2020

Listen now! about Why planning for death is so important

Managing your finances as a woman

Bola Sokunbi, founder of Clever Girl Finance, delves into female finances and the life events that can impact women and their money.

March 2020


Listen now! about Managing your finances as a woman

Staying motivated and determined

Mikael Lawal talks about his journey from poverty to professional boxing, and how he’s managed personal and financial struggles.

April 2020

Listen now! about Staying motivated and determined

Getting more information

Please note that the topics and issues discussed on ‘The penny drops’ can vary depending on your personal circumstances. More information and resources for each topic can be found in the episode notes on your app.

Royal London recommends you seek professional independent financial advice before making financial decisions. All views and opinions expressed are those of the experts and not of Royal London.

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