The penny drops podcast: Why we should all be talking about death


On this episode, Andrea Fox is joined by two special guests, TV presenter and published author Jeff Brazier and photographer and filmmaker Rankin, to have an open conversation about death and how we can all feel more comfortable discussing it.

What will we be talking about?

Death isn’t something we often like to talk about. But it impacts everyone – emotionally, practically and financially – so it’s a topic that we all should all take more time to think about. For some, this year’s coronavirus pandemic may have prompted these thoughts already. Now, more than ever, it’s important we have these conversations. This episode covers:

  • Personal experiences with death and bereavement.
  • Coming to terms with losing a loved one.
  • Common feeling and experiences with grief.
  • How different cultures cope with death.
  • Talking openly with friends and family.
  • Facing death or dealing with a diagnosis.
  • Getting your affairs in order, including making a will and funeral planning.
  • Protecting your loved ones after your gone.
  • Managing or making changes to your finances after a death.
  • The emotional and practical benefits of preparing for death.

Who is our guest?

This episode features two special guests, both with different experiences of death and bereavement. Jeff Brazier is a TV presenter and personality, known for his appearances on hit shows including This Morning, Dancing on Ice and Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Win. He’s also a bereavement counsellor, life coach and published author, having released his book The Grief Survival Guide in 2017. Joining him is photographer and filmmaker Rankin, who has photographed some of the most famous faces in the world including Madonna, The Queen and David Bowie. In 2013, Rankin’s renowned exhibition ALIVE in the face of death featured different people touched by death and was filmed by the BBC.

All views and opinions expressed in the podcast are those of the guests and not of Royal London.

Where can you listen?

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How can you find more information?

Royal London recommends you seek professional independent financial advice before making financial decisions. You can learn more about the value of financial advice on our website, or visit Unbiased to find a trusted professional in your area.

Listen to our podcast on ‘Why planning for death is so important’, released in February 2020, for more information on financially preparing for death. You can also find lots of helpful guidance and support on the following sites:

Making a will
Planning a funeral
Power of attorney
End of life care
Bereavement support and benefits
When someone dies

This podcast was recorded in September 2020 during the coronavirus outbreak. For the latest information on financial support and benefits, visit

Please note that all topics discussed in this episode can vary depending on your personal circumstances. Any figures quoted were accurate at the time of recording.

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