ProfitShare explained

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We want you to feel the benefit of being part of Royal London.

That's why we'll aim to boost your retirement savings by adding a share of our profits to your plan each year.

A toast to your future. And we'll never ask for it back.

How it works


We'll review our financial strength and performance at the end of the year.


We'll work out if ProfitShare can be awarded.


We'll add your award to a separate ProfitShare account within your plan.


You'll see the value of your ProfitShare account in your yearly statement, by logging into online service or by downloading our mobile app.


You can take the value of your ProfitShare account with the rest of your retirement savings any time after age 55.

More information


  • ProfitShare awards will be based on the value of the retirement savings you have invested with us on the date they’re awarded.

  • ProfitShare also includes any pension transfers and single contributions you make to your plan - not just any regular contributions you make.
  • Each year, we’ll aim to award ProfitShare but there’s no guarantee we’ll be able to make an award every year.

  • If you have retirement savings invested in our with profits fund, your ProfitShare will be calculated in a slightly different way. You can find more detail in the Royal London With Profits Fund factsheet.

  • ProfitShare awards will be applied in April each year as long as your plan was in force on 31 December the previous year and on the date the award is given. 

  • ProfitShare doesn't count as a contribution, so it doesn't affect your annual allowance and the contributions you can make to your plan each year.

  • ProfitShare awards will be invested in the same investment choice as your other retirement savings.