Investing in today for tomorrow

We believe that investing responsibly plays a key role in helping to tackle some of the key issues facing our society, this means challenging and influencing companies on behalf of our customers. We engage with businesses to help make their operations more sustainable, more diverse, more socially engaged and more future-focused for both people and the planet.

At Royal London we are committed to be a Responsible Investor.

And that means looking at the bigger picture.

It’s about looking at Environmental, Social and Governance factors, or ‘ESG’ for short.

For example, we might look at a company’s position on environmental responsibility, cyber security, or boardroom diversity.

As part of this commitment, we’re asking all our asset managers to consider financially material ESG risks and opportunities when they make investment decisions.

And to be good stewards by voting and engaging with companies to improve the way they’re run.

We fully expect all asset managers who we choose to work with to be putting these principles into place.

To us, Responsible Investing isn’t about choosing values over value - it’s about managing risk, making better investment decisions, and generating better long-term results for our customers.

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors

We believe that by understanding how ESG factors may impact investments, we can make better choices when it comes to investing, which could mean better outcomes for you. When you're invested with us we take ESG factors into consideration across all our investments, doing the hard work on your behalf.

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Who manages our investments?

The majority of our assets are invested with Royal London Asset Management (RLAM).

RLAM manage just over 90% of our pension assets. Investing money responsibly is part of everyday business for RLAM, and you can see this when looking at their voting record or reading their latest stewardship report.

RLAM has a dedicated responsible investment (RI) team that oversees research and engagement on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. The RI team shares this expertise across RLAM’s wider investment teams, working closely with them to help ensure ESG issues are included in all decision-making processes.

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