At Royal London, we are committed to acting and investing responsibly. This means challenging and influencing companies on behalf of our customers. We engage with businesses to help make their operations more sustainable, more diverse, more socially engaged and more future-focused for both people and the planet. Our mission is for our customers' investments to do well and do good.

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Investing responsibly

We’re committed to acting and investing responsibly for our customers. Find out more about our approach to responsible investment and how your pension can make a difference.

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Case studies

RLAM's responsible investment team have engaged with companies to influence and create change. Learn about how they work with the companies they invest in.

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Our collaboration with the Guardian Labs

We’re working with the Guardian Labs on a paid content campaign which aims to raise awareness of pensions and responsible investments, and how they can help in the fight against climate change.

Visit the website to learn more, and read articles covering topics including the hidden power of pensions, how pensions and investments have become key drivers for change, and why sustainability pays.

Royal London Asset Management (RLAM)

RLAM manage just over 90% of our pension assets, and take their responsibilities as shareowners on our behalf seriously. Investing money responsibly is part of everyday business for RLAM, and you can see this when looking at their reporting:

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Learn about COP26

Download our COP@HOME pack

Last year, you probably heard a lot about COP26 in the news, but how much do you really know about it? Our downloadable COP@HOME pack gives you and the family a simple quick way to get up to speed on this important topic and you can begin making choices that help to save the world - starting from your sofa. You'll find answers to the quiz questions here.

Our podcast series

Host Andrea Fox joins Kaisie Rayner, Climate Change Lead at Royal London, to talk about the importance of COP26, and Ashley Hamilton Claxton, Head of Responsible Investment for Royal London Asset Management, to discuss all things responsible investment. Search for our podcast series 'The penny drops' on your podcast app to listen to the episodes.

* For more information on our engagement with companies, including on reducing emissions (Suncor) and championing fair pay (Persimmon Homes), see our case studies page. Or, for more on our diversity (Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group) and investment in affordable homes (housing associations ESG reporting and issuance) case studies see our Stewardship Report. You'll find links to both on this page.