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If you’re a customer, please be reassured that we’re still supporting and helping families with our Funeral Plan, just as we’ve always done, for almost 160 years. You can find out more about how we’re doing that in our latest guidance and information on coronavirus.

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Get answers to your questions about our Funeral Plan and coronavirus.

Personalising your plan

By paying a little extra in to your plan each month, you can personalize your plan so that it will cover a range of enhanced features:

fiddle instrument

Upgrade your standard veneered coffin to a superior veneer or solid wood

leather car steering wheel

Add up to two additional limousines for mourners

floral cup and saucer

You can make additional payment contributions that can be put towards flowers, a wake plus more

What's included

From £28.72* per month
  • Includes collection, care and viewing of your body
  • An approved funeral director who will carry out your choice of burial or cremation funeral
  • Doctor’s fees for certificates for cremation (if applicable)
  • Arrangement of the funeral service at a local cemetery or crematorium including 50 order of service cards
  • Veneered coffin, 1 limousine and hearse to transport your body

You can tailor your Traditional Funeral Plan should you wish

*Figures based on a 50 year old living in Northern Ireland, taking out a Traditional Cremation Plan. Actual costs will depend on your age, where you live, and any options you select. Pricing correct as at 07 April 2020.

What’s not included?

  • The cost of a service at a place of worship
  • Collection of the body from overseas and repatriation to the UK
  • The cost of embalming is not included
  • A memorial such as a headstone or plaque
  • Purchase of a burial plot – this will need to be done separately
Important information:

You will need to choose between a burial and a cremation when you apply for your funeral plan and this decision cannot be changed once the plan starts. For burials, a plot is not included and will need to be purchased independently.

See our terms and conditions for all details of what is and isn’t included.

Important things to know

Only pays for your funeral on death – no cash in value.

Total monthly payments paid may exceed the cost of your funeral.

No funeral in the first year. If you die from an accident, we pay the value of your plan to your estate. If you die from natural causes, we return the payments made. 

If you stop making payments before the half-way point your plan will be cancelled, you will get no payments back, and your funeral package will not be carried out. That’s halfway from the start of a funeral plan until the plan anniversary after you turn 90.

If you stop after you are halfway through paying for your policy, you will get a contribution towards your funeral when you die.

The insurance policy is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. The funeral package is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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Answers to your questions

Whatever your question, we've got you covered.

Full cover for the Traditional Funeral Plan starts after one year. The cover is for any death, including coronavirus.

If you die from an accident in the first year, we pay the value of your plan to your estate. If you die from natural causes, we return the payments made.

The time taken to process a claim due to a coronavirus-related death is exactly the same as for death by other causes.

If you die within the first year of your plan as a result of an accident, your funeral package won’t be carried out, but we’ll pay out the value of your policy to your personal representatives instead.

However, if your death was not accidental we will pay back everything you’ve paid up to that point.

After your first year, you can have a break from making your monthly payments for up to six months – and still stay insured. You'll have to make up the missed payments before the policy will deliver the funeral services set out in your plan.

When you take out your funeral plan, you can choose to have a burial or a cremation. It’s important to note that once your plan starts, it’s not possible to change your decision. And, for burials, your plan does not cover the cost of purchasing a burial plot. You will need to make your own arrangements for your plot.

Although the Traditional Funeral Plan does not cover the cost of a wake or a reception, you can customise your plan to include a financial contribution towards additional expenses such as venue hire or catering. This won’t be carried out as part of your funeral package but the financial contribution will be paid to your personal representatives.

If you choose the Traditional Funeral Plan, we will show you who your funeral director will be before you agree to take out your plan. They will be a local funeral director allocated by Ecclesiastical Planning Services.

Important documents

Terms and conditions

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