Please refer to the questions below about our RLCIS products.

You will receive your P60 by the regulatory deadline of 31st May 2020. Please call us if your P60 has not arrived after this date.

Half yearly statements are being produced as usual and will will be issued by 1st May 2020.

Please sign and return your form to us as per the original instructions. You will receive a reminder if we have not received your form, but as these may cross in the post, please do not worry if you receive this reminder after you have returned your form. There is a period of 8 weeks before this will impact your payment so you don't need to call us if you have received the reminder.

In order to make a claim, we will need the death certificate number not the reference number. This will start with 3 letters

Post is taking a little longer than usual to arrive with due to the current situation, so please allow a little extra time before contacting us to chase up any information such as cheques. This is impacting both post within the UK and also overseas.

As most of our staff are currently working from home, the quickest way to get a response is the send your query via email to

If you are looking to sell your policy, please write to us at:

Royal London CIS
Churchgate House
56 Oxford Street
M1 6EU

We’re seeing significant swings in global financial markets as a result of fears over the spread of Coronavirus and the containment measures being put in place. Market uncertainty is expected to continue in the short term. You will see a drop in the value of your ISA and Unit Trusts since your last statement and since any enquiries made about your ISA and Unit trust value before March 2020. The current situation means that you may see the value of your ISA and Unit Trust continue to go up and down over the coming weeks.

If you're thinking about making any decisions related to your ISA and Unit Trust, or other investments, we strongly recommend you speak to a financial adviser to consider your options thoroughly before taking any action. Your ISA and Unit Trust is designed as a medium to long term investment and you need to take that into account when making any investment decisions. You can find more information about how to find an adviser in your area and other useful independent resources on our site. Please note, advisers may charge for their services.