The standard of living we have come to expect is in jeopardy.

Our population is getting older. Many of us will struggle to maintain our standard of living in retirement. These challenges coincide with a climate crisis that is damaging the world into which we will retire.

We can help you save for the future and invest responsibly, so we can all build a future worth living in.

Now is not the time to be passive.

More on our actions towards a sustainable world

Many of us lack the means to support ourselves in retirement in the way we would like.

The climate crisis is damaging the world we will live in.

Our future standard of living is at risk.

We can take action together. Our pensions have power.

The climate crisis will define our generation and affect generations to come.

We need to act together.

And we need to act quickly.

Your pension can make a big difference.

In the fight against climate change.

Our standard of living is shaped by our finances and our environment.

We all have an influence and responsibility.

Our pensions have power.

They can give us a financial and environmental return.

We all need help to make confident financial choices.

Royal London supports financial advisers.

Offers guidance and works with charities to help people get back on their feet.

We are responsible for managing billions of pounds of our customers money.

The companies we invest in can make a big difference
in the fight against climate change.

We actively work with them to influence their plans for the better.

We are committed.

Committed to achieving net zero across our investments by 2050.

Committed to a 50% reduction by 2030.

Committed to reducing the environmental impact of our own business to net zero by 2030.

Being a mutual means we think differently.

We are here to serve you, our customers and we serve no one else.

We don’t pay shareholders.

We use our profits to improve, and we also share them with eligible customers.

Protecting today, investing in tomorrow. Together, we are mutually responsible.


Building a future worth living in

Climate change

By 2030, we aim to reduce carbon emissions from our investment portfolios by 50%, while also developing solutions that help our customers to invest in the low carbon transition.

More about our climate change commitments  about Climate change

Our mutual status makes us different

As a mutual business we work solely for you, our customers.

Since 2007, through our ProfitShare scheme, eligible customers have shared in our collective success by over £1.2 billion.

More on mutuality  about Our mutual status makes us different

Building your financial resilience

We believe in the benefits of impartial financial advice. If you don't have a financial adviser we can provide support to help you make confident financial decisions.

More on how we do this  about Building your financial resilience

Responsible investment

Did you know your pension can help the fight against climate change? We are cutting the carbon footprint of our investments and committing to net zero* by 2050 across our investment portfolio.

More about responsible investment  about Responsible investment

*Net zero is the balance between the carbon emitted into the atmosphere and the carbon removed from it.

Cover of Beyond- Customer Outcomes policy paper

Beyond customer outcomes

We’re calling on our industry to help protect a good standard of living for this and future generations. This policy paper explores the steps we need to take to help customers build financial resilience and create a future worth living in.

Download 'Beyond customer outcomes'    

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Our responsible business commitments

  • We will continue to provide quality products and support to help you make confident financial decisions

  • We will work with companies to aim to reduce carbon emissions to net zero across our investment portfolio by 2050

  • We will support financial advisers so they can scale their provision of good advice

  • We will work with employers to help them to educate, inform and guide their employees, and to make it easier for employees to save for retirement

  • We will call on regulators to recognise factors beyond product design and charges, including climate change, that will contribute to a good outcome

  • We will ask government to promote fiscal policies that reward the behaviour of those who act responsibly and who do the right thing.

"We are focused on the actions we need to take to help our customers experience a good standard of living."

Barry O'Dwyer, Group CEO, Royal London

The Invested Generation

Welcome to the start of a new generation, the Invested Generation. A group of people with power in their pensions. People who aren't just investing for the future but are invested in it.

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Together for good

We're signatories to these climate initiatives:

Climate Action 100+
Institutional Investor Group for Climate Change
Race to Zero