Follow its journey below and see how it’s busy working hard for you so that when you’re older, hopefully you won’t have to.

Follow the journey of your pension below.

The Journey of your pension money infographic. This image is an infographic and has alternative text available if you are using a screen reader.

The journey of your pension money

Step 1

Yes! Payday!

An exciting day for you and your pension, too…

Step 2

When you’re paid, some of your money goes into a pension fund… the government and your employer add into this fund too.

Step 3

But I thought my pension was just like my savings account? Wrong.

Step 4

While you’re enjoying your payday treats, your pension money is off on its own adventure…

Step 5

It’s used to buy things like bits of companies, buildings and bonds. In other words, it’s invested. And over time if these grow and do well, your pension does too.

Step 6

That means that your pension is working just as hard as you are…

Step 7

… so when you’re ready to retire, you’ll hopefully have enough cash to pay for the lifestyle you want.

Step 8

It also means you have a share in these companies and we can influence how these companies are run on your behalf.

Step 9

So, your pension also gives you power to help change the world for the better.

Nice one, pension!

Remember, investments can go down as well as up and you might not get back all the money you paid in.