Different pension providers may have their own processes when it comes to pension transfers, but there are several common steps that you can take to combine your pensions together in a single plan.

Your pension savings will probably be the biggest financial asset you’ll ever have, so it’s important to think about whether a transfer is the right step before you start combining your pensions. If you’re unsure it’s best to speak with a financial adviser.

We can help you decide if a pension transfer is right for you and explain what you need to think about.

When can I transfer my pension?

You can usually transfer a personal or previous workplace pension into a new plan at any time. Some providers will even let you transfer a pension if you've started taking money from it, although restrictions may apply.

You can typically transfer your pension to another provider if:

  • You have a personal pension that you opened yourself
  • You have an auto-enrolled workplace pension opened by a past employer that you no longer pay into.

Sometimes, employers will move their staff's workplace pensions from one provider to another. If this happens, you'll be given the option to transfer over to the new provider.

You could also move to a totally different provider if the new one isn't what you're looking for. Transfer restrictions might apply, so it's best to check with your employer or provider first.

Should you transfer your pension?

If you're unsure about pension transfers, our guide can help you understand what to think about so you can make a decision.

Read the guide

What details do you need to transfer a pension?

Your old plan numbers

You can get these by contacting your old providers. If you don’t know who your providers are, you can find them using the Government’s free Pension Tracing Service or a third-party.

Pension transfer value

This is the amount that will be transferred over from your old pension into your new plan. You can also confirm this by speaking with your other providers or using the tracing service.

Your personal details

When starting a transfer, you’ll be asked to input your name, postal address, date of birth and your National Insurance number. Some providers may need more details.

How to transfer a pension to Royal London yourself

Once you’ve tracked down your old pension plans, you should be able to confirm their plan numbers and transfer values. Once you know these, you’ll be ready to start transferring the pensions into your Royal London plan.

The transfer process typically takes between 4-12 weeks. This can vary for a few reasons, such as how long it takes your other providers to respond.

You can start the transfer process by:

Once you’re in our Transfer Hub or mobile app

  1. Enter your other plan number, provider name and transfer value
  2. We'll ask you some questions to understand whether we can accept your transfer request
  3. If we need further details we'll contact your other provider(s)
  4. If we can accept your transfer, we’ll start moving your other pension(s) into your Royal London plan
  5. Once the transfer is complete, we’ll send you confirmation.

How to transfer a workplace pension if your employer changes provider

If your employer changes its pension provider to Royal London, you have the option to transfer your workplace pension into your Royal London plan using our workplace pension transfer service.

A transfer can take up to 12 weeks to complete from the date Royal London requests your transfer. This can vary depending on factors like your other providers' timings to respond.

  • You’ll get an email or letter from us to say that your employer has changed pension provider

  • These will include links to start your transfer either through our Transfer Hub or mobile app

  • The Transfer Hub and mobile app include information about our pensions and how transfers work

  • You'll review the details of your transfer and complete a declaration to get started

  • We’ll email you a summary of your transfer request for your records

  • We’ll then work with your previous pension provider to make the transfer on your behalf

  • You'll be notified when your transfer has been applied to your plan.

It's important to know that this workplace pension transfer service has an expiry date. You can still transfer your pension to us after this date, but you may lose benefits or features from your former pension.

Start a transfer

If you've weighed up your options and decided that you want to proceed, you can start transferring your other pensions into your Royal London pension.

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