Your attitude towards risk is one of the most important parts of picking the right investment.

Some people are very comfortable taking risks, while others don't like it at all.

Maybe you already know where you sit on this scale. But even if you do we'd still suggest talking to a financial adviser to make sure.

We've boiled down people's feelings about risk into seven categories. They're behind all the investment options we give you.

To give you an idea of your attitude to risk you can answer 12 simple questions on our risk questionnaire.

The seven risk categories are explained below:

Very Cautious

Knowing your money is safe matters more than high returns. You'd rather keep it in the bank than invest it in the stock market.


You don't like taking risks with your investments. You'd rather keep your money in the bank, but you'll think about other investments if they work out better in the long run. 

Moderately Cautious

You're usually uncomfortable taking risks with your investments. You might be willing to take limited risks because you know that could bring better returns in the long run.


You know that reaching your investment goals means taking risk. So you're ready to do that with at least some of your investments.

Moderately Adventurous

You're ready to take a risk with a substantial chunk of your investments because you know it could result in better returns in the long run. 


You're happy to take on risk with most of your investments. You know it's crucial for returns in the long run. 

Very Adventurous

You're ready to take considerable risks with all your investments to get the highest returns you can.