Social media policy

Royal London uses a number of social media sites including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. This page tells you the conditions of their use.

Acceptable Use

We encourage open debate and feedback on our social media channels. But we also want our social media accounts to be a safe and respectful environment for everyone to use. So we can achieve this, we ask that you do not post anything (including words, images & videos) that would breach the following rules:

  • Posts that are threatening, abusive, indecent or offensive
  • Promotes discrimination of any kind e.g. race, religion, nationality, age, gender or sexual orientation
  • No spam is to be posted on our pages
  • Post personal or confidential information (we also advise this to keep your account protected from potential fraud)
  • Breaches any law or regulations
  • Directs people to sites containing viruses or anything that might damage their computer or phone.

We will endeavour to help you with any queries relating to our brand or your policy as soon as we can.

How we manage our social media accounts

We are legally responsible for anything that appears on our own social media pages. We reserve the right to hide or delete anything which breaches the above guidelines or which we determine might cause offence to our social media communities.

We may also block users who repeatedly breach our policy.

We won’t hide or remove content that doesn’t breach the above rules simply because it’s negative to Royal London.

Our social media accounts may be managed by our employees and/or third parties appointed by us.

Social media platforms also have their own rules and terms over which we have no control. They may remove your posts or take other action if you do not act in accordance with these rules and terms.

This policy also applies to any additional social media channels that we may choose to use in the future.

Views and comments

Any comments or messages shared on our social media channels, that are not posted by Royal London, are the views and opinions of the person positing and are not the views of Royal London.

If we’d like to use anything you post or message to our social media accounts, we will ask your permission first.