Helping Hand

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Personal support whenever you need it

We believe good protection is about more than just money.

That’s why all our protection plans bought through a financial adviser come with Helping Hand - a comprehensive support service.

It’s available to use from the day your plan starts – not just when making a claim. It doesn't cost anything extra to use and your partner and children can use it too.

If you ever suffer a serious illness, injury or bereavement, it provides you with the additional support you might need beyond a financial payout.

So, what exactly is Helping Hand?

It's a service that gives your clients access to comprehensive support at no extra cost.

It provides customers experiencing a wide range of serious illnesses, injury or bereavement with the support they need to get through the tough times.

Helping Hand is available to your clients and their partner and children from the day their plan starts.

A dedicated nurse, provided by our independent partner, RedArc, is at the heart of Helping Hand. And will be your client’s main contact if they need to use the service.

They’ll listen and get to know them, assess their needs and concerns, and create a personal support plan to make sure they get the help that’s right for them.

Every case is different so the support will always be tailored to your client. And they’ll get ongoing help from their dedicated nurse for as long as they need it.

So what does this mean for you?

By recommending a plan with Helping Hand, you’re demonstrating the value of your advice, as your clients can use it even if they never make a claim.

And offering them something that they might not expect could help you build long-term trusting relationships. Priceless.

Access to a dedicated nurse

We work with a company called RedArc who’ll give you access to the support of a dedicated nurse. They’ll provide tailored and personal support whenever it’s needed, for as long as it’s needed.

Whether you need to speak to someone or access specialist services, you’ll always speak to the same person.

If the worst happens and you need help coping with the death of a loved one, the dedicated nurse can provide long-term support as well as bereavement counselling for family members.

Or if you’re diagnosed with a serious illness like cancer, the nurse can help you understand a diagnosis or provide advice on how to manage the side effects of treatments better.

Depending on the type of illness or injury, the dedicated nurse can recommend a number of additional services if they think it’s going to help. For example:

  • a second medical opinion
  • support recovering from a heart attack
  • speech and language therapy after a stroke
  • complementary therapies to help manage symptoms or help with recovery

We also offer access to independent career, legal and medical helplines to support you when you need a professional opinion or independent advice.

Watch our short video to find out how the service works.

When one of our customers – or a member of their family – tells us they need help. We’ll put them in touch with the dedicated nurse service available through Helping Hand.

They’ll decide which member of their team is going to look after that person.
The dedicated nurse will give them a call to get to know them. They’ll create a personal support plan to make sure each person gets help that’s tailored to their needs. Sometimes the most appropriate help is the ongoing emotional support they get from regular contact with their dedicated nurse.

Or it could mean their nurse recommends wider practical support, like a second medical opinion or help at home; they can also research and arrange further services if that’s what’ll benefit them.

And they’ll always speak to the same nurse, often for months or even years.

Visit our website to find out how this service has made a difference to our customers.


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Helping Hand is a package of support services, provided by third parties that aren’t regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. These services aren’t part of our terms and conditions, so can be amended or withdrawn at any time.

Next steps

To find out more about Helping Hand speak to your financial adviser. If you do not have one please see the value of advice.

You can have a look at the terms of use for the legal helpline.

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