Workplace pension costs and charges

There are costs involved in managing your workplace pension and investing your retirement savings to help these to grow. Here you can find out the costs and charges that applied to all of Royal London’s workplace pension schemes in 2022.

The information provided here relates to the default investment(s) for representative members of each of our workplace pension schemes.

Administration charges

We show the ‘administration charges’ we take from members’ pension plans for administering their plans and investing their retirement savings. These charges are decided by Royal London.

Transaction costs

We also separately show ‘transaction costs’, which are the costs incurred in buying, selling and holding assets within our pension funds into which your plan along with other members’ plans are invested. These costs are not directly within Royal London’s control.

View the costs and charges information

To view the costs and charges information for all the default investment arrangements within our pension schemes download our costs and charges spreadsheet.

Want more personalised information?

For growth figures and charges that are personal to you please refer to your yearly statement. Alternatively, if you have a Retirement Solutions pension plan, you can see this information on our mobile app, which can be downloaded from the App Store for iPhones or Google Play for Android devices.