Life insurance myths, busted


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Many people believe that life insurance is expensive, complicated and not for them. Here we shine a light on some of those common myths.

Life insurance is expensive

Some life insurance payments can start from as little as £5 a month to a few hundred. Your payments depend on how you get it (via a financial adviser or direct from the insurance provider), your circumstances and what you want to protect when you die.

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Insurance companies don’t pay out to your family when you die

In 2020, 98% of insurance claims were paid, a figure unchanged from 2019. Despite this, there is still a misconception that insurance companies don’t pay out. In cases where they don’t, it’s usually due to irregularities at the point of application, for example, downplaying or omitting a medical condition.

Life insurance is a waste of money because you have to keep on paying for life

Life insurance is a protection policy, so it doesn’t have any cash value. Hence, if you stop making payments, you won’t get your money back. Some life insurance providers offer payment holidays, so you may want to consider this if you still want to protect your family but are struggling to make your payments.

Applying for life insurance takes too long and is complicated

Many life insurance providers offer a life insurance calculator on their website. Usually, these calculators can generate a quick quote for you in a few minutes based on the information you provide. More than likely, the quote will be followed up with a call from the provider confirming your details and to ensure you’ve got the right life insurance policy for your needs. The length of this call varies from person to person.

You cannot take out life insurance if you have a medical condition

With some life insurance plans, for example, over 50s, you don’t necessarily have to declare your medical condition. However, just because you have a medical condition doesn’t mean that you can’t take out life insurance; it’s at the discretion of the life insurance provider.

You may want to speak to a financial adviser to discuss.

You don’t need life insurance if you’re single

It’s tempting to think that you don’t need life insurance if you’re single and without dependants. With the average cost of a funeral now in the four-figure mark, when you die, the burden of that cost will fall on your next of kin. That’s why some people take out a small life insurance policy to cover their funerals.

I have to take out life insurance to get a mortgage

No, you do not. However, you may want to consider mortgage life insurance (also known as decreasing life cover), which helps to pay out off your outstanding mortgage when you die. That way, your family home is protected. Find out more about life insurance.