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We’re delighted to have partnered with the ACE programme, helping them expand into Bristol. We also supported the Girl’s Rugby Club to set up and a run a coaching session for girls in Horsham and helped former colleague Stuart McLaren to compete in the PGA Pro Tour. Together with the British & Irish Lions we’ve established a study to investigate whether a women’s Lions Team can be formed.

Our recent events

Recently we held an exclusive online event for customers and colleagues with sporting heroes Ebony Rainford-Brent, Shaunagh Brown, Claire Molloy and Stuart McLaren to discuss the work Royal London is doing to help level the playing field across sport. Watch the highlights or the full event and follow us on social media to keep up to date on our progress in 2022.


Good evening everyone.

Hope you're all well, and thank you so much for joining us tonight.

My name is Sarra Elgan and I'm delighted to be with you this evening to guide you through the next hour or so. And of course, I'm also delighted to be joined by some very special guests indeed.

As a mutual insurance company, we do believe that we have a role to play in ensuring greater inclusion and diversity in society.

And that has been one of our big objectives in the world of sport this year.

Us like Royal London want to really level the playing field.

And we use the word ACE, obviously stands for African Caribbean Engagement, but we also say it means accelerate, change and empowerment.

We really want to move quickly, and that's been the ethos behind it.

So for us to be able to now get to three cities and Royal London help us get to Bristol in no time and really start to accelerate the programme, is amazing.

I've been involved in Girls Rugby Club previously, and so many of them would just say "To have fun or just to keep fit," which again is perfectly okay and fine, but it's just listening to how much those ambitions and goals have come along.

And then the amount of girls who casually say, "Well, I wanna play for England."

We're less supported, less watched, least exposure, less commercial interest. What we're seeing is that landscape is changing with Royal London's involvement.

I wouldn't have been able to juggle the professional game as well as working at the same time. So for me to have the support from Royal London, or them to come on board and allow me to take that step has been absolutely fantastic.

ACE, if I'm being honest, is about helping us create a society that looks like our demographic, really, and supporting different people to level the playing field. So next year, it's building that foundation for the programme, the academy, the scholars, but also seeing that transition for young girls is going to be really powerful as well as elite coaches.

We're now entering the next phase of our partnership, which is a really exciting one with Royal London as our first ever principal partner to the Women's Lions Programme. And we're going to be working together to conduct a feasibility study, looking into whether or not a Women's Lions team could be created. And wouldn't that be fantastic for us to do together.

Imagine being first womens captain, Lions captain number one. That would be a very special group, the first Lions women's squad and a huge honour, and it's just hugely aspirational for the sport to kind of hit that level that we would have our own tour, our own competition, and our own format, really.

It's Royal London being brave and stepping up and saying, "Actually, we want to make change. We want to change not only sport, but society. We want to level the playing field."

For me to benefit from what they're doing on a day-to-day basis is absolutely fantastic. And I'm just hoping that what I can do goes back to them and can do them proud.

When you meet an organisation, that come together and really believe in the same values of society and of change and using sport as a vehicle, it's game changing.

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