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It’s great being a member. As a longstanding mutual, you’re at the core of our business, and we always have your best interests at heart.

So, through things like our AGM, ProfitShare and open lines of communication – along with your membership benefits – we’re always on the lookout for ways we can improve our products and services to deliver the best possible outcomes for you.

Watch our animation, or our video with CEO Phil Loney, to find out what your membership means for you. And, if you still want to know more, take a look at our frequently asked questions.

CAPTION: At Royal London we’re pretty friendly. In fact, we started out as a Friendly Society in 1861.

Back then our aim was to help people avoid the stigma of a pauper’s grave. Today we’re still dedicated to the financial security of our members. And because we’re a mutual we’re still owned by you – our members.

It means that when we do well, you do too. And if you’re a qualifying member you benefit from something we call ProfitShare. When we have a good year, ProfitShare could top up your Royal London pension… or add a little to your Royal London With Profits policy.

And there are some important member benefits you can enjoy. Like the Royal London Foundation, which can help your community. It awards up to £5,000 to local causes chosen by you. Just ask Cheshire’s Jump Children’s Charity…or Bath City Farm.

And we offer work experience to you, or your family. It helps school leavers, those who have had a career break, or anyone looking to change jobs, to gain experience.

And you can find information about managing your money on our Member Update website.

As a member, you also get a say in how we run the business. You can use your vote to make important decisions every year…Like who sits on the Board of the company.

After all…it’s your Royal London.

PHIL LONEY: I’m Phil Loney and I’m the Group Chief Executive of Royal London.

It’s the time of year that Royal London is ready to talk about our financial performance in 2017 and how successful our strategy is, and here we want to talk particularly about what that means for you as members, and the rewards and benefits you will receive.

CAPTION: We’re sharing our success with you.

PHIL LONEY: ProfitShare is one of the most distinctive things about Royal London. Over the last 7 years or so, we’ve shared £750 million with our members, and that money goes to straight into your pension or your With Profits bond to top up your savings, and you also keep any investment growth that you get on that ProfitShare in the future.

ProfitShare’s at a record level of £142 million and it’ll be shared between our 1.2 million members. If you include the investment growth, then that £750 million that we paid out is worth nearly £1 billion now in proved savings.

You’ll find out more about your own ProfitShare allocation very shortly.

CAPTION: You can nominate a local not-for-profit organisation to receive funding from us.

PHIL LONEY: We launched some great new benefits in 2017. The Royal London Foundation is our charitable foundation and it enables you to nominate good causes in your local community that you would like us to financially support. We’ve been funding great charitable causes right across the UK in 2017 and we’d like to expand it further in 2018, and I’d encourage everybody to take a look at the website and to nominate the good causes that they care about locally. We’re here, ready and willing to help.

CAPTION: You or your family can apply for work experience with us.

PHIL LONEY: We also introduced a new work experience programme for members and their families. Our Insight into Work programme was new in 2017. It’s open to people who are returning to work or are contemplating work for the first time, or just want to get a taster of what a career in financial services might be like. We had take-up right across the country in all of our main locations last year. Everybody who took part in the pilot was really enthusiastic about it and there are more opportunities for members and their family members to get involved in 2018.

CAPTION: If you’re considering a career change, returning to work after a break or have a family member aged 14 and above who is interested in work experience, Insight into Work is designed for you.

Your new members website is full of information about your membership, investments and personal finances.

PHIL LONEY: So, we had a big focus at Royal London to improve the regularity of communication. Our members told us in research we did about 18 months ago, they just weren’t hearing enough from us, and that’s why we’ve set up this member’s website. It’s here right throughout the year, and we’re continually adding new content to it. Your member website gives you lots of information about firstly your membership benefits, such as our work experience programme, our charitable foundation and of course ProfitShare, and we’re also working on new member benefits which we’ll explain and communicate through our quarterly emails. Secondly, it gives you the opportunity to understand how you can get even more value out of your existing product, and how your product’s performing, for instance there are some videos there from the fund managers who are running the money that you put into your pension on your behalf. There’s plenty of good financial information content to help you understand the complex world of financial services, and finally it’s a great place for competitions, a bit of a fun element to get people to interact with us. So do please visit the site regularly, we think there’s lots of good, valuable content that you’ll appreciate.

CAPTION: We’re striving to make a positive impact in your communities.

PHIL LONEY: So, social responsibility is right at the core of Royal London’s ethos. Royal London’s a different kind of company: we’re owned by our customers, not by shareholders, and so we measure our progress through the impact that we make on the communities that we serve, the communities that our people live in and the communities that our members live in. We have a wonderful social responsibility report that we’ve launched for the first time this year which you’ll find a link to on this website, and I would be really pleased if members would take an interest in that and give us their feedback – it really shows you the difference that Royal London is making on your behalf.

CAPTION: We’ll continue to focus on improving our products and services for you.

PHIL LONEY: We’ve had a very successful strategy over the last 5 years. Royal London has doubled in size: we’ve gone from about 50 billion of assets to 114 billion of assets under management, and what that means is money that we’re running on behalf of customers. So, the strategy’s working, we’ll keep focusing on constantly improving our products, constantly improving our service, and being innovative in finding ways to drive our cost down, which enables us to do even more competitive prices. We’re all about value for money, and that’s not going to change.

CAPTION: Discover more about your membership and exclusive benefits at