It’s great being a member. As a longstanding mutual, you’re at the core of our business, and we always have your best interests at heart.

So, through things like our AGM, ProfitShare and open lines of communication – along with your membership benefits – we’re always on the lookout for ways we can improve our products and services to deliver the best possible outcomes for you.

Watch our video with new Group Chief Executive Barry O'Dwyer to see what's coming up for Royal London and its members.

For more information on membership, take a look at our frequently asked questions.

Meet our CEO

CAPTION: Introducing our new Group Chief Executive

BARRY O'DWYER: Hello, I’m Barry O’Dwyer and I’m the new Chief Executive at Royal London. I want to take some time to introduce myself to our members.

I’m an actuary and I’ve worked for my entire career in financial services. I started work for Standard Life, which was then a mutual life insurance company, and I’ve worked for some of Royal London’s biggest competitors.

I’ve long admired what Royal London stands for, and it’s a very great privilege to be asked to lead the company through its next phase of delivery for members and customers.

CAPTION: Why Royal London is different

BARRY O'DWYER: Being a mutual organisation means Royal London is very different to other typical financial services companies. It brings a real sharp clarity of focus on who we are here to serve. We have no shareholders, we concentrate purely on the needs of our customers and members, and we try and design products and services that meet those needs.

It’s important that we listen carefully to our members and we do that through research, but also through the thousands of interactions that we have every day. But, we also want to hear from members directly at our Annual General Meeting.

CAPTION: Understanding our people, members and customers

BARRY O'DWYER: I’ve spent my first few weeks in [Royal London] getting around all of our offices and meeting as many of our people as I can. I want to understand what makes our people proud of working at Royal London, but also what we can do to improve in our delivery for members and customers.

CAPTION: Making a difference

BARRY O'DWYER: Royal London is different and I’m pleased to see some of the work underway on initiatives that I know are important to members. So, for instance, our Social Impact programme, which seeks to achieve broader positive change in society. You can read more about the programme on our website and I look forward to seeing how this evolves over time.

A lot of the member questions at our AGM in 2019 were around responsible investing and this is an area where members, through their investment choices, together with Royal London as an asset manager, can make a real difference.

Responsible investing involves considering the total return on investments, including the impact on society and the environment, and not just the financial return. Again, you can read more about our responsible investment policies on our website.

Social impact and responsible investing are just two areas where we feel we’re making a real difference. I’d like to hear member’s views about how we can continue to work together to deliver what’s important for you.

CAPTION: Supporting our members

BARRY O'DWYER: You’ll be used to receiving your quarterly member e-mails and you’ll be hearing from me again soon. Later this month, as well as bringing you your usual financial insights and information on membership benefits, we’re also launching a new podcast series called 'The penny drops'.

The series is designed to help you make better financial decisions, with experts giving helpful tips on everything from saving and budgeting to planning for retirement. You can read more about the podcast on the member’s area of the website or search for the podcast on the app that you use to download.

And, finally, my colleagues and I are here to serve you. If you’ve any thoughts about how we’re doing, if you’re happy with the way you or your family have been treated by Royal London, or if you think we can do better, please do get in touch. Great companies like Royal London stay great by listening to their customers and striving always to get better.

Thank you for listening.

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