Benefits and opportunities


There are lots of great perks to being a member of Royal London.

Not only do you benefit from the great service we provide as a mutual, you also get a say in how our company is run through the AGM, the chance to take part in our Royal London Foundation and Insight into Work programmes, and opportunities to enter exclusive competitions. Finally, we aim to boost eligible members’ retirement savings each year through our ProfitShare scheme.

Please note that due to the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic we’ve had to make some changes to membership benefits, including the Royal London Foundation, Insight into Work scheme and our AGM. You can find more information about this on the individual website pages.

AGM and voting

As a mutual company that's owned and run for the benefit of our members, your vote really is important.

Find out why your vote matters about AGM and voting

Royal London Foundation

The Royal London Foundation was set up to help members support the local not-for-profit organisations that make a difference in their communities. In 2021, we'll relaunch the Foundation so we can focus on helping more people to prevent life shocks from becoming a crisis.

Find out more about the Foundation about Royal London Foundation

Insight into Work

Our Insight into Work programme gives you the opportunity to gain valuable work experience at Royal London.

Take a look at our work experience opportunities about Insight into Work


When we do well, we'll aim to boost eligible members' retirement savings by adding a share of our profits to your plan each year.

Learn about ProfitShare about ProfitShare

The penny drops podcast

The penny drops podcast is here to help you understand your money and make better informed financial decisions.