Since our first AGM in 1861, we’ve been welcoming members to attend meetings, voice their opinions and vote on how the business is run.

AGMs, and the business or discussions carried out at them, can seem quite confusing. But it’s really just to make sure our members are happy with the way we’re doing things. Read on to find out everything you need to know about what happens at an AGM, why it's important and how it gives you a chance to have your say in how we run things. 

Applications welcome: Independent Governance Committee

We're currently recruiting for an Independent Member to sit on our Independent Governance Committee and would welcome applications from our members.

This Committee acts independently, providing oversight and assessing the value for money for Royal London’s workplace pension and investment pathway customers. 

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What’s an AGM?

An AGM is a yearly meeting that allows members – or shareholders in other types of companies – to vote on business issues, our financial performance, how we reward our employees, and who’s appointed on our Board. It’s our members’ chance to have their say on how we’re run.

To make sure all members have a chance to vote, we send out AGM packs, which include a postal voting form. Everyone who receives a digital AGM pack via email can vote online, simply and quickly – you can also vote online if you get a postal pack, just follow the instructions to submit your email address.

Normally, at the meeting, members hear from some of our Board and senior teams about our performance over the previous year and how we’ve added value for them. We then invite all members who attend on the day to ask any questions they have about anything relating to Royal London.

After the questions, members are asked to vote on our resolutions. These are the things we’re asking members to approve – like our financial report for the year, who our external auditors are, and reappointing the members of our Board. We use an external voting company to independently count the votes and confirm which resolutions are passed.

Once the formal part of our AGM is over, we welcome the members who attend on the day to join us for a light lunch and the chance to talk to some of our people and Board.

Get in touch

If you have any suggestions for our AGM, or what you’d like to hear about from our Board, please get in touch at We’d love to hear from you.

AGM information

Visit our AGM pages to find videos from past events, along with voting results and meeting highlights.

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Our performance

From operating profit to ProfitShare, find out how we performed as a business in 2020.

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Our 2020 annual report

In 2020 we demonstrated the wider role that we play in society by working with people who we all depend on and people who need our support. Our mutual status allows us to put the needs of our customers above all else, focusing on the long-term to ensure we're best placed to help customers through the economic and societal challenges ahead.

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