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As a mutual company that’s owned and run for the benefit of our members, our Annual General Meeting (AGM) is especially important to us. Since our first AGM in 1861, we’ve been welcoming members to attend meetings, voice their opinions and vote on how the business is run.

AGMs, and the business or discussions carried out at them, can seem quite confusing. But it’s really just to make sure our members are happy with the way we’re doing things. Read on to find out everything you need to know about what happens at an AGM, why it's important and how it gives you a chance to have your say in how we run things. 

The results are in!

Find all the details on what happened at our 2019 AGM, including voting results and presentations from the event.

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What’s an AGM?

An AGM is a yearly meeting that allows members – or shareholders in other types of companies – to vote on business issues, our financial performance, how we reward our employees, and who’s appointed on our Board. It’s our members’ chance to have their say on how we’re run.

To make sure all members have a chance to vote, even if they can’t attend the AGM in person, we send out AGM packs, which include a postal voting form. Everyone who receives a digital AGM pack via email can vote online, simply and quickly – you can also vote online if you get a postal pack, just follow the instructions to submit your email address.

At the meeting, members hear from some of our Board about our performance over the previous year and how we’ve added value for them. We then invite all members who attend on the day to ask any questions they have about anything relating to Royal London.

After the questions, members are asked to vote on our resolutions. These are the things we’re asking members to approve – like our financial report for the year, who our external auditors are, and reappointing the members of our Board. We use an external voting company to independently count the votes and confirm which resolutions are passed.

Once the formal part of our AGM is over, we welcome the members who attend on the day to join us for a buffet lunch and the chance to talk to some of our people and Board.

​Why should I vote?

It’s important all members make the most of their chance to have their say on how Royal London is run. As members, you’re the owners of the business, so your votes are essential.

Watch our animation to find out why voting is such an important part of our society and our business, and how voting at our AGM benefits you.

CAPTION: Why is voting so important?

As a mutual, voting is a really important part of Royal London. It’s also vital to how our society works today. But it’s taken a very long time to get here…

1215: The Magna Carta establishes the idea of a constitutional government. King John signs the Magna Carta at Runnymede, near Windsor.

1341: The House of Commons begins to meet. The House of Commons meets separately from the House of Lords for the first time. 

1649: The monarchy is overthrown and the country becomes a republic called the Commonwealth of England. Military leader Oliver Cromwell led the parliamentarians to victory in the English Civil Wars. 

1688: The Glorious Revolution gives the parliament power over the monarchy. Dutch prince William of Orange led the invasion that eventually overthrew King James II.

1832: The Great Reform Act makes huge changes to the British electoral system and allows more people to vote. MPs await the result of the vote on the Great Reform Act. 

1918: The Representation of the People Act gives some women the right to vote in general elections. Suffragettes gather outside the Houses of Parliament. 

1928: The Equal Franchise Act gives equal voting rights to men and women over 21. A statue of Emily Pankhurst, leader of the suffragettes, was unveiled near parliament in 1930.

1969: The Representation of the People Act lowers the voting age to 18. People aged 18-21 were able to vote in a general election for the first time in 1970.

Today: Voting is one of the most important ways to make your voice heard on the issues that affect you. And, just like a general election gives you the chance to vote on who governs the country, our AGM offers you the opportunity to decide how we run the business and shape our future. 

From important matters like strategy and governance to choosing our Board, your vote really makes a difference. 

Find out more about why your vote matters to us at royallondon.com/members.

What happens next?

After the AGM, we share results of the vote and presentations from the day on our website.

If you have any suggestions for our AGM, or what you’d like to hear about from our Board, please do get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

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