We’re a mutual company, which means that many of our customers are also members of Royal London. Our members are really important to us because you’re owners of the business, so we want to make sure we’re giving something back to you.

Not only do you get a say in how the company’s run through our AGM, but you can also take advantage of the different membership benefits we’ve got on offer. These include the Royal London Foundation and Insight into Work programmes, as well as great competitions.

And of course there's our ProfitShare scheme, where we aim to boost eligible members’ retirement savings each year. Explore your members area to find out more. 

How we manage your money

Everything you need to know about what we do with your money, and the things that may affect your investments.

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Your personal finances

Tips and information to help you make the best possible decisions when it comes to your finances, whatever stage of life you’re at.

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News and insights

Want to keep up to date? We’ve got you covered with news, insights and helpful guides from the Royal London team.

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The penny drops podcast

The penny drops podcast is here to help you understand your money and make better informed financial decisions.

​Mutuality and membership

As a mutual company, we’re owned by our members. That means we’re committed to providing the best service and experience for you.

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Benefits and opportunities

As a Royal London member, you can enjoy a range of benefits from exclusive competitions to initiatives like the Royal London Foundation and Insight into Work.

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AGM and voting

The AGM is your chance to have a say on how we’re run. Find out how you can get involved and why your vote is so important.

Covid-19: our response

The Covid-19 outbreak has affected everyone in the UK as we’ve had to adapt to the new normal. At Royal London, we believe it’s brought out the best in our people. Watch our video to find out how we’ve been looking out for each other, for our network of advisers, for our members and customers, and for our communities.

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