Sean Murphy

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There’s always the ‘first’ of everything you need to get over; the first Christmas, the first Easter, the first birthday and the first anniversary. After that it does get easier, it will get easier. It’s quite a cliche but time is a healer.

Sean Murphy works as a manager of one of Royal London’s bereavement claims teams, who support people who’ve recently lost a loved one to claim on their policy. His dad worked at Royal London before him for just under 40 years, but sadly passed away not long after retiring, just before the Christmas of 2010.

After his father’s death, Sean took it upon himself to arrange the funeral and manage the logistical aftermaths of this loss. He was able to support his grieving mother but feels like he perhaps didn’t give himself enough time to process his father’s death or really deal with his own emotions.

I don’t think I gave myself enough time to really grieve and think about my dad.