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In our policy papers, we have our say on news and issues that could impact our customers.

Securing financial resilience in later life

There have been plenty of reports about the future of workplace pensions, advice and guidance, and long-term care. Very few, however, have sought to address these issues in a collective way. 

This paper examines the main areas people need to consider, covering some of the latest thinking and developments, and makes some recommendations for further consideration and debate.

Download 'Securing financial resilience in later life' (PDF, 1.7 MB)

Cover of Securing financial resilience in later life policy paper

Beyond customer outcomes

We’re living in challenging times. Our population is getting older and many customers lack the means to support themselves in retirement in the way they would like. This coincides with a climate crisis that is damaging the world into which they will retire.

If we are to protect the standard of living for this and future generations, we need to drive positive change in the financial services sector. This paper explores the steps we need to take to help customers build financial resilience and create a future worth living in.

Download 'Beyond customer outcomes' (PDF, 0.3MB)

Cover of Beyond- Customer Outcomes policy paper