Royal London removes COVID-19 restrictions to underwriting

Published  24 May 2021
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Royal London has removed restrictions to its underwriting philosophy put in place last year due to COVID-19. The mutual insurer will continue to ease restrictions with the aim of returning to a pre-pandemic underwriting philosophy.

An estimated six in ten of the applications that were postponed due to temporary restrictions relating to coronavirus will now be offered terms for cover. All temporary rating restrictions related to coronavirus for Critical Illness and Income Protection covers have also been removed.

Royal London has increased the maximum ratings applied to Life Cover applications at all age bands, with the maximum for those aged under 60 increasing to 300%. For Critical Illness and Income Protection, all temporary rating restrictions related to coronavirus have now been removed, with the maximum rating limit returning to 150% for all customers.

Diabetes Life Cover is under review and will be updated separately to the changes made on Menu products.

The changes came into effect on 24 May and apply to all new applications, any on-going applications, and any case where terms have expired or that need a further underwriting assessment.

Craig Paterson, Chief Underwriter at Royal London, said:

“With an improving picture in the UK and the progress of the vaccination programme, we’re pleased to be able to remove the bulk of the restrictions that have been in place for the last year. Our updated approach to underwriting will ensure greater access to insurance with more customers now able to obtain cover, whilst also recognising that the situation remains changeable. We will continue to evolve our underwriting philosophy as circumstances dictate with the aim of returning to our pre-pandemic philosophy as soon as we are able to.”



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Neil Cameron, PR Manager

Notes to Editors

  1. Six in ten of the applications that will now be offered terms for cover is based on previous application information.
  2. The underwriting decision is dependent upon a customer’s answers to the application form questions and any other information evidence gathered during the underwriting process. Some aspects of a customer’s medical history may merit an additional premium rating on top of the standard rate. If the sum of any additional premium rating exceeds the maximum for the given age band, the applicant’s cover will be postponed.

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