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For financial advisers only.

Submitting applications online

Take a look at our application form matrix for more information about which application forms can be submitted online.

You can use this form to upload and securely submit an application form for a personal pension, self invested personal pension or an income drawdown plan to our servicing team.

We can accept:

  • scanned copies of signed application forms;
  • applications that have been signed by the customer using an electronic signature (e.g. DocuSign); and
  • as a temporary measure, we can also accept an unsigned copy of an application form where it hasn't been possible to get a wet signature from the customer, due to the Coronavirus pandemic. This must be submitted along with an email from the customer, as accompanying documentation, confirming that they're happy to go ahead with the application.

To make it easier for you, we've created some standard wording (opens in a new window) that must be included in the confirmation email from your clients. The completed application form must also be an attachment in the confirmation email from the customer.

Here’s some instructions on how to complete the online form.

Submit an application form

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