Six moments to make plans

Making plans to protect your family when you’re gone is important.

Planning can lessen the financial impact of loss for loved ones.

For most couples, this should start with a conversation. It’s never an easy topic to bring up. But, for those thinking ahead, this preparation can be prompted by significant life events:

  • getting married
  • planning your child’s future
  • buying your first home or moving house
  • retirement
  • the death of a family member
  • simply reaching a certain age.

At times like these it’s natural to consider your finances for the future. If something happened to one of you, who would pay the mortgage? And how to cover university or college fees for your children?

These events present an ideal opportunity to talk, as long as it leads to action. The evidence from our research* suggests that the more preparation made by couples (i.e. making specific plans like writing wills or buying life insurance), the softer the blow if the worst were to happen.

*Royal London 2016: Losing a partner – The financial and practical consequences Part 1 & The financial and practical consequences Part 2.

Life Insurance

With Life Insurance, you can leave your family money when you die. You choose how much you want to leave, and how long you need the cover for. You make payments and in return, your family feels secure – because if you die while covered, you can leave them some money.

Different types of life insurance
cover to suit you

With our Life Insurance, we can help you find the right kind of cover to suit
your specific needs with our bespoke offers.

Level Cover

Can pay out a fixed amount, up to £500,000 to protect an interest-only mortgage or provide a lump sum for your loved ones

Find out more about Level Cover

Family Income Benefit

Get up to £2,500 as a monthly income for your family for the remainder of the policy

Find out more about Family Income Benefit

Decreasing Cover

Get up to £500,000 of cover. This reduces over time and can protect a repayment mortgage, or other debt that decreases over time

Find out more about Decreasing Cover

6 good reasons choose us 

  • Be covered in minutes – with our easy online application.
  • Money that can make a real difference – up to a £500,000 single payment or up to £2,500 a month for the remainder of the policy. 
  • Payments start from £7 a month - that's only 23p a day! 
  • Extra peace of mind – we include Terminal Illness Cover, at no extra cost. 
  • Three types of cover to suit your lifestyle and budget – Level Cover, Decreasing Cover and Family Income Benefit
  • 2 million trust us – join policyholders across the UK who rely on us to protect their families - based on life and protection policies as at December 2017*.

*Based on Royal London life policies as at December 2017

Important things to know

Our Life Insurance has no cash in value – it’s a protection policy only.

If you stop making payments, your cover ends and you won’t get anything back.

You can apply if you’re a UK resident aged between 18 and 70, excluding members of the armed forces and reservists.

Serious Illness Benefit option

For an additional monthly cost you could add this extra protection (to Life Insurance) for you and your children over 30 days old. It gives you a financial safety net if you are diagnosed with one of the six illnesses that we define, and survive for 30 days.

If you add Serious Illness Benefit and a claim is paid, this cover ends, but Life Insurance continues.

Find out more about Serious Illness Benefit

Extra protection for your child

If you add Serious Illness Benefit for yourself, you also get Children’s Benefit cover at no extra cost. That means your children over 30 days old get cover for the same conditions defined by the Serious Illness Benefit and survive for 30 days. It pays out 25% of your Serious Illness Benefit, up to £25,000 giving you some breathing space to take time off work and care for them.

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