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Our Investment ISA is a stocks and shares ISA where we find, review, select and manage investment opportunities. The Investment ISA allows you to choose from one of three sustainable funds and aims to allow you to invest your annual ISA allowance, giving you the potential for capital investment growth.

We look to maximise potential while moderating risk in investment-ready funds that are sustainable and designed to perform. Giving you an easy entry into the world of investing.

It is important to remember that the value of your investment can go down as well as up based on market conditions. You may not get back the amount you originally invested.

Our Investment ISA is managed by an award winning team

We’re judged by what we do, so we’re always working to deliver the best. We have consistently won prestigious awards for our investment knowhow and performance, across a range of asset classes. You get the benefit – our experience, competence and reputation goes into every Investment ISA. Find out more about some of the awards we've won.

Five reasons to get an Investment ISA with us:

  1. Tax efficient – you pay no Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax on any returns
  2. Invest up to £20,000 – for the current 2018-2019 financial year 
  3. No initial charges – no fee to start your Investment ISA 
  4. Sustainable funds – that aim to deliver strong returns 
  5. Award-winning expertise – in every Investment ISA

Answers to your questions

A stocks and shares ISA invests your money into a range of assets, such as shares, bonds and commodities. You don’t pay any income tax on dividend income or any capital gains tax on profits when you sell stocks or shares. This means that any growth on your investment is tax efficient. With a stocks and shares ISA you may get back less than you have invested.

Your initial investment needs to be at least £1,000 and each deposit has to be at least £100, a regular investment to help bring your financial goal closer.

The amount of money you can put into ISAs for a tax year is called the annual ISA allowance. For the 2018-19 tax year, the total amount is £20,000 which you can put into any combination of ISAs in the current tax year. Tax treatment depends on individual circumstances, and could change in the future. More information about the types of ISAs available can be found online on Money Advice Service.

Your Investment ISA offers three funds to choose from:

Royal London Sustainable Managed Growth, Royal London Sustainable Diversified Trust or the Royal London Sustainable World Trust.

You can find out more information on these funds in these Key Investor Information Documents.

Royal London Sustainable Managed Growth Fund

Royal London Sustainable Diversified Trust Fund

Royal London Sustainable World Trust Fund

Yes, you can take money out each month, as long as it's at least £50. You can make one withdrawal each month. 

Yes, you can. It is important to remember, in order to keep the tax benefits of an ISA it is important to transfer to the new provider, rather than close your existing ISA and open a new one. If you close the existing ISA or withdraw money from another ISA you would lose the tax benefits. 

You have to be a UK resident and over 18 to invest in a stocks and shares ISA. There is no minimum time you have to leave money in an ISA, you can take your money out at any time. It is wise to consider an Investment ISA with a medium to long term view - that's at least five to ten years.

We are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. This scheme is designed to protect investors should a financial services company become insolvent and not be able to meet its obligations to you. The maximum amount which you are covered for under the scheme for investments is £50,000 per person, per organisation. Please click here for further information or visit

It is important to remember that the value of your investment can go down as well as up based on market conditions.

The value of your investment, and the income you get from it, can go down as well as up. As with any investment, there is a chance you will get back less than you originally invested.

It is wise to consider an Investment ISA with a medium to long-term view in mind – that’s at least five to ten years.

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