Improving our communities

Improving Our Communities collage

We began as a Friendly Society to help communities afford a funeral - even in times of trouble - so they could avoid having a 'pauper's funeral' and the accompanying stigma.

Making a difference

As chosen by staff, our community theme is to ‘support people with a chronic or long-term condition’.

This theme strongly aligns to our business as a life and pensions provider, and will be the focus of our community work going forward.

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Making a difference

Proportion of people who feel encouraged to take part in community activities. As a result our investment in our community activity, 83% of our people say they are encouraged to take part in community activities, a 26% increase on 2016.

Number of people our team challenge programme has supported. In partnership with Business in the Community our team challenge programme has supported 10,970 people.

Hours volunteered by staff in 2018. Our Employee Volunteer programme gives our people two days annually to volunteer in their local community.

Bronze Payroll Giving Award. Our people were awarded the Payroll Giving Bronze Award by the Charities Aid Foundation. This is granted to employers who generate sustainable income for UK Charities through Payroll Giving.

Amount given in grants from the Royal London Foundation in its relaunch year. We paid out £350,000 to 70 not-for-profit organisations nominated by members across the UK in 2017.

Amount donated overall to charity. We match a portion of our people’s fundraising efforts. In 2017, we and our people donated a total of £105,000 to charity.

Our local partnerships

In 2020, our people voted for six local charity partners as part of Royal London's Community Programme. These initiatives focus on smaller, local organisations, ensuring that the impact of our activity meets the needs of local groups and people.

These local partners are:
  • London - The Food Chain
    An organisation that provides vital groceries and hot meals for the most vulnerable people living with HIV in London
  • Glasgow - PETAL
    An organisation that supports people affected by homicide or suicide in Scotland.
  • Wilmslow - The Booth Centre
    An organisation that exists to bring about positive change in the lives of people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, to help them plan for and realise a better future.
  • EdinburghHeld In Our Hearts
    An organisation that provides baby loss counselling and support to families.
  • BathBath City Farm
    An organisation that delivers projects in horticulture and animal care to improve the lives of adults living with complex health and social needs and children facing adversity.
  • DublinFeileacain
    An organisation providing support to anyone affected by the death of a baby during pregnancy or shortly after

We also support the causes that matter most to our staff by matching their fundraising efforts (Capped) and offering time off for volunteering in their local communities.

Last year, in AugustOctober and November, the ELBA Volunteer of the Month was a Royal London Employee. 

We are proud to work with The Silver Line. We have 20 of our people volunteering as ‘Silver Line’ telephone friends, giving 30 minutes once a week to make a real difference. They really enjoy it too! 

“I didn’t realise that ANYBODY can be a Silver Line friend and for only 30 minutes a week talking to a lonely older person can make difference… and WHAT a difference that call can make. 

I remember hearing the story that when Esther Rantzen created The Silver Line she was questioned as to how somebody like her could ever be lonely as she was constantly surrounded by people. Esther replied that yes she always had somebody to do SOMETHING with but she didn’t have anybody to do NOTHING with... no one to go home to when the door was shut and ask if they wanted a cup of tea... 

I call 'Marg' once a week the same day and the same time and when she answers the phone you can detect the loneliness and low mood... but when she realises it is her Silver Line Friend her mood lifts. There are sometimes tears, sometimes laughter and even at 85 'Marg' has a wicked sense of humour and it is not uncommon to hear us just giggling like a pair of school girls. 

'Marg' is not the only one who gains so much out of this friendship. She is now a very dear friend, someone who I love to call to talk to, to share her life, her memories, to gain her trust. It makes me feel so very humble to think that it’s only 30 minutes a week out of my time and when “Marg” says “I don’t know what I would do without you” … well to me that means the world.

Louise, Silver Line volunteer, LOG1K team member

Local Partners

London: The Food Chain

Glasgow: PETAL

Wilmslow: The Booth Centre

Edinburgh: Held In Our Hearts

Bath: Bath City Farm

Dublin: Feileacain