Taking on the long-term savings challenge


The challenge

Too few people are taking, or are able to take, responsibility for their own pension and savings for the long term, which means they’ll lose out on a fulfilling future in retirement.

How we can help

Many financial shocks, such as a shortfall in retirement, can be prevented with the right planning, tools and support.

There are a number of barriers to saving enough for later life, so we’re working in the areas where we believe we can make the biggest difference. We’re supporting people to secure their long-term financial future through our products and services, which we make sure are good value and respond to customer needs. We also look to fix faults in the pension system, and improve access to advice and guidance, through our campaigning work, and communicate directly with customers to help them engage with their savings.


4 Committed to…

creating solutions, products and services to enable a positive financial future

As a mutual we put our customers first. This means we focus all our effort on listening to customers, understanding their needs, and solving the problems that matter to them, rather than satisfying our shareholders. We treat our customers fairly, continually delivering value for money and doing everything we can to provide them with the best possible financial future, regardless of how they came to Royal London, and help prevent life shocks in later life becoming a crisis.

How we're delivering on this commitment: 

  • Sharing our success with eligible members through ProfitShare.
  • Designing products and services around customer needs and goals.
  • Continually working to support all customers – including advised, non-advised and long-standing customers – to achieve the best possible outcomes, through tools such as the Drawdown Governance Service.

How we’re measuring progress – the number of customers using our guidance and advice tools at retirement:

  • At the end of 2020 over 27,000 customers were using our Drawdown Governance Service (DGS), via their adviser.
  • This service supports advisers to have a conversation with customers about how much they want to take out of their pension and whether it'll leave enough for the rest of their retirement.

How we're helping to prevent life shocks becoming a crisis:

  • Helping people access the right products so they can save more and ensure they're not left struggling following a shock or retirement.

5 Committed to…

fighting for a fairer pension system and greater access to advice and guidance

Saving for retirement is a simple idea. So why are pensions so complicated? We think there’s a better way of doing things. That’s why we’re fighting for a fairer pension system, and improved access to advice and guidance. We use our voice to get the message across – lobbying and campaigning for positive change and championing the power of advice.

How we're delivering on this commitment: 

  • Pushing to improve the pension system, make it simpler, and ensure that no one misses out on the money they’re entitled to.
  • Supporting improved access to pension information.
  • Supporting advisers and promoting the value of advice.

How we’re measuring progress – the number of customers receiving impartial advice:

  • In 2020 we calculated that nearly 350,000 customers have seen an adviser while they’ve been a customer with us. There are many variables that affect this number, many of which are out of our control, but we think it’s a useful indicator of access to advice.
  • We’ll continue to champion access to advice and guidance and aim to help more customers speak to an adviser.

How we're helping to prevent life shocks becoming a crisis: 

  • Improving financial systems where they're at risk of leaving people struggling financially.
  • Helping more people access advice or guidance so they can improve their financial situation and provide a buffer against shocks.

6 Committed to…

helping people engage with their long-term savings

We want to make sure that our customers are saving enough to meet their retirement goals. As a mutual, we always act in the best long-term interests of our members and customers. We use our communications and experiences to help them make good decisions about their pensions, at every stage of their savings journey.

How we're delivering on this commitment: 

  • Engaging with our members and customers using simple and supportive communications that are easy to understand.
  • Designing communications around customers’ needs – like our mobile app, which enables customers to keep an eye on their pension from their phone, wherever they are.
  • Getting employers and advisers on board by giving them all the information they need to fully support their employees and clients.

How we’re measuring progress – the total number of Royal London mobile pension app users:

  • By the end of 2020 over 80,000 customers had downloaded our mobile pension app. This was an increase of 169% over the year – up from 30,000 at the start of the year.
  • In addition to downloads, our communications via the app appear to be helping people engage with their savings. Interaction with push notifications over the course of the year (18.4%) was almost double the industry average (9.8%).

How we're helping to prevent life shocks becoming a crisis: 

  • Helping people make good decisions, at the right times, so they can save more and achieve a good quality of life in retirement.

Preventing life shocks becoming a crisis

Shocks such as a bereavement, illness or job loss are unfortunately part of life. We’ve identified three key social problems that we want to focus on to help prevent life shocks becoming a crisis – building financial resilience, taking on the long-term savings challenge and strengthening responsible business.