We want to use our strengths and work together to make a positive difference in the lives of our customers, their families and their communities. Our social impact work focuses on tackling financial vulnerability and building resilience – helping prevent life shocks becoming a crisis.

The Covid-19 pandemic is perhaps the biggest life shock our society has experienced. As we continue to feel its effects, there’s never been a more urgent need to act. We believe we’re stronger when we work together, so we’ve partnered with national poverty charity Turn2us to reach more people who need help and create long-term change.

We have a strong history of supporting communities through volunteering, social impact initiatives, partnerships and financial aid. Together, through our Royal London Foundation grants and community donations, we donated £671,625 to charity in 2019, up from £455,000 in 2018.

Lost for Words exhibition

Find out all about Lost for Words, our digital exhibition with acclaimed photographer Rankin, that reminds us that everyone will benefit from talking about death.

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Our social impact commitments

Shocks such as a bereavement, illness or job loss are unfortunately part of life and these can quickly escalate into a crisis, especially for those who are financially vulnerable. We can’t always prevent life shocks, or the impacts of societal challenges like climate change or the Covid-19 pandemic. But we can help people prepare for them, or manage their impact, by building financial resilience and providing tools and support to help them recover.  

We've developed 10 social impact commitments that set out the actions we're taking to reduce our collective vulnerability to shocks and help drive positive change in the wider world.



1  Help more people get protection

2  Reduce funeral poverty

3  Give people financial knowledge and skills they can use


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4  Create solutions, products and services to enable a positive financial future

5  Fight for a fairer pension system and greater access to advice and guidance

6  Help people engage with their long-term savings


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7  Invest responsibly and encourage positive change in business

8  Build sustainability into our operational estate and supply chain

 Help people prevent a life shock becoming a crisis

10  Create a meaningful, inclusive workplace for our people and their wellbeing


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Our flagship charity partnership

We believe that we're stronger when we work together. So we've created our first social impact flagship partnership with national poverty charity Turn2us to help tackle these issues.

This partnership will go beyond volunteering and fundraising to prove the power of true collaboration. It will create opportunities for us to learn, campaign and innovate together, enabling us to reach more people and make a longer-lasting impact.

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Read our latest Social Impact Report for more information on our approach to social impact, as well as our 10 commitments. Or visit our community page to find out how we're making a difference through volunteering, fundraising, and local charity partnerships. 

Social Impact Report

Our Social Impact Report explores each of our 10 commitments in detail, explaining the problems we’re trying to solve, why we’re committed to them and what we’re doing to solve them. It also shows how our commitments align to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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Our community engagement programme

Our community programme focuses on financial vulnerability and resilience, an area where we think we can really make a difference.

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