29 September 2020

Royal London to implement ABI mental health standards

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Meera Khanna, Consumer PR Manager
Meera Khanna

Corporate PR Manager - Protection


In response to the ABI’s launch of insurance industry standards to support customers with mental health conditions, Jennifer Gilchrist, Protection Specialist at Royal London, said:

“Mental health is one of the most commonly disclosed conditions we see on protection applications. As a provider, our ambition is to offer cover to as many customers as possible, so we are fully supportive of the standards and will be implementing the changes. We already offer life cover to individuals with severe mental health conditions to help improve access to insurance and hope to see others in the industry doing the same.”

About Royal London:

Royal London is the largest mutual life insurance, pensions and investment company in the UK, with assets under management of £139 billion, 8.6 million policies in force and 4,348 employees. Figures quoted are as at 30 June 2020.

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Meera Khanna, Corporate PR Manager - Protection


  • 95% of applicants who disclose a mental health condition are offered cover by Royal London.
  • In 2019 Royal London began offering life cover to individuals with severe mental health conditions. More information on the pilot, which still continues today, can be found here.