08 March 2017

Radical dividend tax cut means savers need to think again

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Margherita Orlandini, Corporate PR Manager, Royal London
Margherita Orlandini

Corporate PR Manager, Royal London


Commenting on the cut to the dividend allowance, Andy Zanelli, Senior Technical Consultant at Ascentric, said:

Some stars burn brightly then fade away. The dividend allowance, introduced this tax year, will be cut by 60% from April 2018, it was announced today.

“Many savers have looked to dividends for income in the current low inflation, low interest rate environment . They have adjusted their savings accordingly, only to see this latest change impose an additional tax of £225 for a basic rate taxpayer, £975 for a higher rate taxpayer and £1143 for additional rate taxpayer.

“This is another radical change to a recently introduced allowance. Savers need to think yet again about which tax wrapper and flavour of income will give them the best tax outcome.


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Margherita Orlandini, Corporate PR Manager, Royal London

About Ascentric:

Ascentric, IFDL and Fundsdirect are trading names of Investment Funds Direct Limited (IFDL).

Investment Funds Direct Limited was founded in 1982, and Fundsdirect launched as the UK’s first online fund supermarket in December 1999. Since that time, the company has built on its reputation as a leading UK fund supermarket to provide Financial Advisers with a Wrap platform under the brand name of Ascentric. It provides a full white label solution for institutional clients requiring bespoke technology and administrative services.

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