03 July 2017

Ascentric adds Clear Capital Management LLP to DFM options for advisers

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Helen Morrissey, Personal Finance Specialist
Helen Morrissey

Corporate PR Specialist – Long Term Savings


As part of Ascentric’s commitment to offer advisers the broadest range of products to meet their clients’ often complex needs, it is pleased to announce the availability of Clear Capital Management LLP’s Model Portfolios as a new Discretionary Fund Management (DFM) service on the platform.

Clear Capital Management LLP (Clear CM) has built an excellent reputation over the past two years for its discretionary investment Model Portfolios, which make innovative use of exclusive access to structured corporate bonds issued by Corporate Finance Bonds Limited Secured Note Programme. Advisers will now have access to a range of four Model Portfolios: Absolute Return Fixed Weight Portfolios, Classic Active Portfolios, Classic Passive Portfolios and Bespoke Portfolios.

Commenting on the inclusion of Clear CM on the Ascentric platform, Justin Blower, Head of Sales at Ascentric, said:

We’re firmly committed to providing advisers with one of the widest DFM investment options possible to help them manage their client money in the way they want. The addition of Clear CM’s range of portfolios with their unique investment approach is a great addition to our growing list of DFMs. They offer advisers an alternative investment approach to the already extensive DFM and investment range we have available to the more than 3000 advisers who use our service.

Martin Vaughan, Senior Partner at Clear CM, commented:

We’re very much rooted in the world of the financial adviser and the needs of their clients. Our investment approach, coupled with advisers being able to use the Ascentric stockbroking dealing service, offers them the freedom to use more than just conventional funds. We believe there’s a natural fit for us to offer our unique Model Portfolios on the Ascentric platform.

The inclusion of the Secured Note Programme, as a major component of the Absolute Return Fixed Weight Portfolios, is also very timely for those advisers who are currently looking to protect their client’s capital from the potential market uncertainty ahead.


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Helen Morrissey, Corporate PR Specialist – Long Term Savings

Notes to editors:

  • Minimum investment required into the Clear CM Portfolios is £1,000.
  • Advisers using any of the at least 65 DFMs, which will now include Clear CM on the platform, benefit from Ascentric’s ‘all-in’ charging structure which came into effect on the 1st May 2017. This means that advisers clients will pay a single charge of 0.3% of the total value of their assets, in any wrapper, held on the platform up to £1m. Assets of between £1m and £3m will be charged at 0.1% and any assets between £3m and £5m will be charged at just 0.06%. Cash will be considered a chargeable asset, with earned interest credited to client accounts in full and is subject to a minimum charge of £15 per month.
  • As a member of the London Stock Exchange, Ascentric’s in-house dealing team are free to trade with any other LSE members including market makers. Not only does this provide assurance that we can carry out executions at the best possible price for the adviser and the end client, it also allows the flexibility to forge a relationship with a DFM’s market maker of choice.
  • http://www.ascentric.co.uk/platform/stockbroking-service/
  • The Clear CM Portfolios consist of the following:
    • The Absolute Return Fixed Weight Portfolio is designed for investors who want to have a focus on capital preservation with performance assessed against a cash plus target return. The portfolios are based on a simple, easy to understand concept which aims to smooth out the peaks and troughs of the investment market.
    • The Classic Active and Classic Passive Portfolios are designed for investors who are looking for their investment to be fully invested in equity and bond markets with a medium to long term outlook. The choice of underlying investment instruments is tailored to the differing risk. The Portfolios are benchmarked against blended MSCI indices.
    • The Bespoke Portfolio is designed to the precise brief required by the adviser for their client.
    • More details on Clear CM and the Discretionary Portfolios it offers is available via http://www.clearcm.co.uk/portfolio_fund.php. A copy of Clear CM’s Model Portfolios brochure, along with other useful documents, can be downloaded via http://www.clearcm.co.uk/resources.php
  • More details on Corporate Finance Bonds Limited and the Secured Note Programme is available via www.CorporateFinanceBonds.com


About Ascentric:

Ascentric, IFDL and Fundsdirect are trading names of Investment Funds Direct Limited (IFDL).

Investment Funds Direct Limited was founded in 1982, and Fundsdirect launched as the UK’s first online fund supermarket in December 1999. Since that time, the company has built on its reputation as a leading UK fund supermarket to provide Financial Advisers with a Wrap platform under the brand name of Ascentric. It provides a full white label solution for institutional clients requiring bespoke technology and administrative services.

Ascentric is a Wrap platform, available exclusively to financial advisers and offers a fully integrated online investment management and dealing platform. It also enables advisers to transfer their clients’ assets onto a single platform to provide them with the ability to manage their client’s financial needs in just one place.

About Clear Capital Management LLP:

Clear CM, established in 2013, is a global investment management company seeking to develop services throughout the UK, Europe and the Middle East. It operates a range of model investment portfolios on a number of investment platforms. Clear CM has a close working relationship with SA Group, and together they are able to provide a total solution for worldwide financial investment.

Martin Vaughan, Senior Partner at Clear CM has a background in managing financial services businesses running both independent financial planning practices and discretionary fund managers for over 27 years. He has been instrumental in industry development, particularly the paraplanner role, working with both the Institute of Financial Planning and the Chartered Insurance Institute. He was also a cover star of New Model Adviser in July 2009.