17 September 2019

Saudi oil attacks: what’s next? – Piers Hillier, Royal London Asset Management

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Kimberley Robinson

Corporate PR Manager


Commenting on the Saudi attacks and the impact this is having on oil prices, Piers Hillier, chief investment officer at Royal London Asset Management, said:

“Recent market movements - oil related commodities and securities up, bond yields and industrials lower - seem rational. Investors will now be closely monitoring the response to the attack.

“Oil futures curves for 3-10 years out have moved up about $1.25  from around the $50 mark.  So while the spot market has jumped, reflecting near-term impacts on immediate oil availability and supply chain issues, the longer-term price has taken this in its stride, up 2-3%, with a modest bump up in prices, leading to an uptick in oil stocks or around 3-4%. 

“It would seem logical that Aramco’s IPO will be delayed while the damage is assessed but beyond this we would expect that the risk premium that investors will require should the IPO go ahead will now be higher.”

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